UE Mac/Linux editions take another big step!

As you may already know, porting UltraEdit over to Mac/Linux was not a trivial task. We have strategically designed the port process around first; ensuring these platforms offer native functionality and second; not to meet, but to exceed the legendary functionality and performance of UltraEdit for Windows, and we continue heading in that direction.

The v2.2 release is the third release of the year in this pursuit. It brings in a major expansion of existing features and functionality as well as marking the addition of many new features not previously available on the Mac/Linux platforms. For a complete feature list click here.

Perhaps even more exciting is our next step. The v2.2 release opens the door for the v2.3 release planned for this fall where we will again bring in yet another major set of features and expand existing functionality even further.

The sum of the this year's UE Mac/Linux releases (v2.0, 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3) will elevate our multi-platform functionality much closer to that of UltraEdit for Windows. In fact, in the next six months UltraEdit's multi-platform offering will not only mature significantly, but should be accompanied by UltraCompare Professional multi-platform (Win/Mac/Linux). For details, click here.

We are thrilled to see such enthusiasm and acceptance from our Mac/Linux community and greatly appreciate your support. Download and enjoy UEX v2.2 and look for v2.3 this fall.

We are committed to making UEX and UCX the best integrated text editing and change management solution available at any price on any platform. My sincere thanks for trusting IDM as your solution provider.



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