UE Mac: Moving rapidly from text editor to programmer's editor

UltraEdit for Mac was released just 10 months ago as our initial starting point on the Mac platform. We stated then in our blog that, "...our intent is to bring UltraEdit for Mac to the point of exceeding our current Windows capabilities." Those that know what UltraEdit for Windows can do understand the magnitude of this task. How do you reduce 17 plus years of full-time windows engineering and text editing expertise into an equal on Mac?

Simple (in theory); you make a plan, ramp up your staff, fund the project and execute. Back in March we stated that, "...our release tempo for UE Mac will continue about every 2-3 months until the Mac version reaches parity with UE Windows and even beyond!"

Despite publishing our strategy on our site, blogs and newsletters, some have (prematurely) judged UE Mac as not living up to its Windows counterpart... We understand the expectations of the Mac community, and look forward to meeting those expectations and more.

Here is what's next!

With 4 major releases in the last 10 months (v2.0/Dec, v2.1/Mar, v2.2/Jun, and v2.3/Oct), we have now drawn significantly closer to our strategic goal of reaching parity with UE for Windows. In the next 6 months we will release two more major Mac edition updates... UE Mac 3.0 (expected Q1 2012), then followed by UE Mac 3.1 (early Q2). In these next two releases, much more of the true power of UltraEdit for Mac will be realized.

Beyond v3.1 (Q3/Q4 2012) will be the second stage of our strategic goal: We expect to fully meet and even exceed our current Windows capabilities on Mac. Already today there are some aspects of the Mac edition that rival its Windows counterpart. We want to build upon that next year and beyond.

The most exciting part of our update plans is that these advances are expected in the next six months! Not six years. And we have a 17 year history of delivering on the needs of our users.

While we know you can't please everyone, we do try.

Here at IDM, we understand the necessity of providing our users the computing solutions they need, regardless of favored platform. We understand that technology is dynamic and that as programming trends change, so must a programmer's editor. We do not lag in our development nor do we overcharge. We always desire to offer the best value for our customers, as well as quality and the features they need.

Each and every year, our products get a primary release and as many as three point releases. In fact we believe in over-delivering on the value of a 1-year free upgrade period.

As for price... we have always priced our products so that anyone in need of a text editing solution could afford the best. We don't need to reduce our price to stay competitive, nor do we find it necessary to inflate pricing because the Mac community is used to paying more for software.

At IDM we look forward to providing the Mac community the computing solutions they need real time, at an affordable price and unbeatable value.

We are excited about what the future holds.

Best wishes,


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