UltraEdit for Linux v2.0 Development Update

For those using UltraEdit on Linux we have a great announcement. The newest version of UEx is nearing beta (date TBD), and we are very excited about the release as it will be the biggest advancement we have made to date on our Linux platform.

Included in the release will be the new FTP client as well as a material installment of added functionality and performance enhancements.

We expect commercial release of the new version in January/February 2011. If you have time, and would like to participate the upcoming UEx beta program, please email us a request to sign up.

Our strategy for UEx is the same as our strategy for UE Mac... to bring both platforms on par with our current Windows production version. Together the three platforms will comprise our newest offering... UE Multi-Platform. Users that have dual boot systems, a PC and a Mac Book, or an iMac and a Ubuntu box will be able to purchase the Multi-Platform license for one low cost and have installation authority on all three platforms.

The future of UEx is very exciting and we are equally excited about UCx which is also nearly beta! More about UEx and UCx soon.

Best wishes,

-Ian and team

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