An update on the UltraEdit for Mac beta... it's nearing arrival...

Update (2010-09-22): Please see our latest update on UE for Mac beta testing.

Hello again.

Just a short note to update all on UltraEdit for Mac's Beta I start. As posted earlier in the month, we expected to go to Beta I late this week.

We are ready... Well, kind of. We have had a very exciting turn of events. As things stand today, Beta I start will be this Monday the 20th (or no later than early next week).

Why the slip? Two key members of our Mac engineering staff are at the hospital as I write this blog – having babies! Well, their wives are having babies and the proud fathers are standing by for their new bundles of joy!

We congratulate Brad and Ashley on their second child... *name forthcoming.

And we congratulate Kshitij and Rashmi on their first child... *name forthcoming.

So, UltraEdit for Mac will hopefully have its birthday this Monday!!! Thanks to all for your support and allowing IDM to be your solution provider...

Thanks, Ian

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