UltraEdit for Mac: Development Update 06/10

As I mentioned last month, UltraEdit for Mac, and all its dependencies, now build cleanly on Snow Leopard in Xcode v3.2.

We are now well into the framework/GUI cleanup and have turned our attention to the new toolbars/icons that will set UltraEdit for Mac apart from its Windows counterpart.

Aside from the differences between the Windows/Mac GUIs, under the hood, UltraEdit for Mac features the core performance characteristics of its Windows counterpart. We have also migrated the numerous advancements that came out of our recent port to Linux in UltraEdit for Mac making it a super-hybrid of our product line.

Although we are running UltraEdit on Mac machines all over the building, we are holding back on providing any screenshots for at least another month so we can better season the GUI. Hopefully we can share some screen shots with you in July and possibly publish an anticipated beta schedule.

Currently the initial builds are targeted specifically for Snow Leopard (my favorite), Tiger, and Leopard.

Although UE for Mac's time is nearing, I'd also like to mention that the cross-platform version of UltraCompare is underway as well.

In-time, we plan to offer our products in OS specific versions as well as a multi-platform license for those that work across multiple platforms or have dual boot systems.

Thank you for trusting IDM as your solution provider.

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