UltraEdit for Mac nears beta... First look!

Update (2010-09-22): Please see our latest update on UE for Mac beta testing.

Progress on the Mac version of UltraEdit has gained significant momentum. For the first time ever, we are now able to share some screen shots with you.

As you can see from the image below, UltraEdit for Mac already has major functionality - and powerful file handling as well!

First Look: UltraEdit for Mac

UltraEdit for Mac

Click the thumbnails below to take the tour!

Ouptut WindowColumn mode PlacesFile view Clipboard historyClipboard Function listFunctions ToolbarsToolbars Find and replaceFind/Replace Tag listTag list

The GUI supports dockable windows like the file viewer, output, function list, clipboard, tag list windows and more.

UltraEdit for Mac also accommodates the selection of predefined toolbars for macros, scripting, search, and user defined toolbars. You can of course choose whether or not to display them.

The editor is fully Unicode enabled, supports large file handling, code folding, syntax highlighting, column mode, and hex mode. We've also tuned the underlying core for optimal performance.

Our team is currently rounding out other core features. Once these and other features are complete, we will release the product to beta.

We anticipate selective alpha/beta testing to begin as early as September and commercial release would be sometime this fall.

Click here to sign up for the beta.

We greatly appreciate the community interest and support of UltraEdit for Mac and for your trust in IDM as your multi-platform solution provider.

See you next month with more exciting news and screen captures.

Best wishes

- Ian and team

Update (8/20/2010)

Hi Guys,

We wanted to give you a brief update on the progress of UltraEdit for Mac - we too are very excited!

In short, it's going very well and we are looking forward to a Beta start as planned in the middle of September.

Currently we are just finishing the spell checker and have added several additional features and resolved a lot of issues (including cosmetic and performance issues) since the last update.

The screen shot below uses older icons and we are updating these to OS X specific ones. The toolbar(s) is totally user configurable and while many users will not want to have a toolbar, or only have a few functions, others will want more. Users can simply pick and chose what they want.

updateUpdated screenshot

The default toolbar configuration will be determined by user feedback during the beta cycle.

As with its Windows counterpart, UltraEdit for Mac will continue to offer users an array of configurable options, power, and large file handling.

Our intent is to enter the Mac community with a truly great UltraEdit for Mac! We know that there are things we still need to do in the interface and we are working on these. Some things will happen before Beta, some during Beta and others as time goes on in response to user requests.

We appreciate your patience and excitement and look forward to bringing you Beta I next month!


Ian and Team.

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