UltraEdit text editor for Mac is now in beta testing

Hello Everyone,

UltraEdit for Mac is now in Beta! Thank you for your patience and tremendous support.

We have started the process with just over 200 testers. Feedback has been steady as expected and we are so thankful to all involved for their time and community leadership.

The Beta I release is a partial release. That is, it has the majority of features, however we have more features and functionality in the works or ready to go but are most interested in general functionality like syntax highlighting, folding, key mapping, file load, scrolling, and so on. Basically Beta I is targeting everyday file handling performance.

As we move into Beta II we will expand the testing group and begin targeting Macros, Scripts, Function list and so on. Of course we are responding to feedback real time to with every release there will be substantial bug fixes.

We have already found a few items of importance that we lack. One being drag and drop, and another being some keyboard mapping specific to Mac users. We will try to add these in the next update.

For sure, UltraEdit for Mac will evolve substantially over the next 4-6 weeks and more so nearing commercial release (planned in November). We also have the native FTP client scheduled for Beta III release as well.

We are so excited to bring UltraEdit to the Mac platform because we feel that no solution should be bound by platform. We are so thankful for your trust and look forward to the weeks ahead.

What's being said about UltraEdit for Mac:

"I got the beta yesterday and I must say I really like what I see, really 'Applish' while still positively being UltraEdit, my old editing companion..."

"...I am ready to say goodbye forever to my current editor and my Windows VM..."

"I'm beta testing the new version of UltraEdit for Mac. First I think it is great! Almost all the features I use every day, are there. This is definitely the end of my Windows VMWare and I'll be 100% Mac now."

Again, thank you to all!

Ian and Team

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