UltraEdit for Mac: Now in Beta II

Last month we announced that we were alpha testing UE for Mac. That's the old news!!!

Well, a lot has happened since then. We were a few days late on beta I because two of our engineer's wives had babies on Sept. 17th and 18th (both girls) - congratulations of course!

However, we successfully released beta I, and after a lot of great feedback and much work here by the team we have just released beta II to 800 users!

Beta II brings increased performance, drag and drop files, and over 100 other fixes and improvements to UltraEdit for Mac! We continue to receive great feedback and very much appreciate it.

So for a quick summary:

• On schedule - beta II released
• Beta III scheduled for later in October
• Commercial release this fall...

For those who haven't already seen it, a comprehensive list of features in beta II can be found here:


As we mentioned before, the native FTP client will be wrapped up by release but isn't planned for this beta.

At IDM, we believe in test-driven development; therefore we greatly appreciate all those who have signed up for beta testing. Beta II included 800 participants. As we move forward, we will expand the beta group each week or so. We have over 2000 requested participants and will release the beta to many of them as we approach release. We are confident that the initial release will please all!

We are very excited about UltraEdit for Mac, and the feedback from the beta testers shows that you are too! Thank you - we really appreciate that!

Thanks as always,

- Ian and team

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