The Way Ahead: UltraEdit/UltraCompare X

At IDM there is no off season. As an emerging multi-platform publisher, IDM will leverage the best technologies in Windows, Mac and Linux and bring innovative solutions to all users - regardless of favored platform.

The future of UltraEdit Multi-Platform (UltraEdit X) is sensational as is the future UltraCompare Multi-Platform (UltraCompare X) as together they extend IDM's one-of-a-kind text editing solution across all computing environments.

To know the future of our multi-platform products, one only needs to understand IDM's past. Now in our 17th year of full-time, in-house commercial development, we have developed our own brand of solution driven text editing from a steering committee of well over two-million users.

We are humbled to be considered/trusted as the preferred text editing solution publisher within the Windows community and we are focused on bringing that same solution, customer focus, and support to our Mac and Linux communities.

Look for the UltraCompare Multi-Platform release in 2011.

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