UltraEdit v17.00 - What to expect

User experience is EVERYTHING - which is why we think you're going to love v17.00! We have a fantastic new split Explorer window in the File View which provides much more visual control over your files and folders as well as much easier drag-and-drop capabilities. The new file tab icons in UE v17.00 can be set to indicate the status of your file: saved, unsaved, locked, read-only, FTP, and so on. The re-themed icon set make finding your desired action faster, and are much easier on the eyes with 3 available size settings.

UltraEdit v17.00 coming soonBut that's not all... v17.00 will also included a greatly improved Highlight All Items Found for Find operations, new functionality to highlight all occurrences of selected text, and completely re-designed Windows 7 style File Open and Save dialogs.

Of course, quality is non-negotiable! We insist that any new release of UltraEdit must be the best release ever. Last year there were 4 major releases of UltraEdit (v16.00, 16.10, 16.20, and 16.30). In each release we sought to perfect and optimize core features. The v17.x series will be no different. We will continue to target core features and take them to the next level of performance and perfection.

Staying current should be easy! We make UltraEdit better every day and with our new license technology, once you upgrade to v17.00 and receive your new license, you will get near real-time updates in a single click! Or, set and forget, and UltraEdit will detect available patches, updates, and new releases for you! After you have your v17 license, no longer will you need a new code every new version, no more will you need to find your old registration code to request a free upgrade, and no more guessing if an upgrade is free or paid.

Look for v17.00 later this month!



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