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With the help of Kickstarter donations, Lingohop is utilizing UltraEdit to build the first language-learning platform that combines machine learning with the latest linguistic research
published April 28, 2016 by
Some thoughts on Twitter's rumored jump from 140 character content limits to 10,000.
published January 05, 2016 by Joe Castelli
Why not resolve to learn something new in 2016?
published December 31, 2015 by Joe Castelli
published November 24, 2015 by Joe Castelli
published October 30, 2014 by Joe Castelli
UltraEdit.com has a brand new look, with the same underlying CMS.
published October 06, 2014 by Joe Castelli
published October 06, 2014 by Joe Castelli
I don't enjoy the PC vs. Mac debate and don't frequently participate unless goaded by a friend. However, with the release of UltraEdit Mac edition (and soon UltraCompare), this seemingly irreconcilable issue seems to always be in my periphery...
published August 08, 2011 by Ben Schwenk
Looking back at the standards and specs that helped define and create what HTML has become today, and how we use this idea for our own technology
published January 25, 2011 by Ben Schwenk
IDM President Ian Mead reviews Oops!Backup backup software from Altaro
published January 10, 2011 by Ian Mead
A brief look at the new Flock Web Browser from IDM employee Andy Boyd...
published June 26, 2008 by Andy Boyd
IDM webmaster Ben Schwenk gives a brief overview of the features and functionality of UltraEdit.com's new open-source content management system MODx
published April 14, 2008 by Ben Schwenk
What is Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime)? If you haven't heard about AIR...
published February 18, 2008 by Andy Boyd

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