Startup Utilizes UltraEdit to Create a Smarter Language-Learning Solution

"As an international publisher, we understand the need to translate and localize our products for our worldwide user base. That said, we often find ourselves engaged in conversations that are bound by the limits of our own fluency. This app combines proprietary smart engine technology with the latest linguistic research to bring a personalized experience to the language-learning space.

Hands down brilliant!" - Richard Knott, VP/COO IDM

CINCINNATI, OH; April 19, 2016 – Language-learning tools may have evolved from books to apps, but their use of smart technology has been nearly nonexistent. Until now.

With the help of Kickstarter donations, Lingohop is utilizing UltraEdit to build the first language-learning platform that combines machine learning with the latest linguistic research. Lingohop users are able to identify their language needs – business travel, moving abroad, leisurely learning – and receive a plan specifically designed for them. The platform then continually molds itself around your unique needs and learning style to create the most efficient language experience possible.

Lingohop groups each of its 4-minute lessons around relevant categories based on specific situations such as restaurants (ordering food, paying the bill), getting around (asking for directions, using the metro), navigating the airport, and visiting tourist attractions. Lingohop's Smart Engine analyzes your performance to make suggestions on how, when, and where you learn best. For the first time, your unique needs are able to be combined with authentic, everyday dialogue, so what you learn can be immediately applied to the real world.

Lingohop courses will be optimized for the on-the-go user while continuing to expand beyond its initial offerings of Spanish, French, and English (for Spanish speakers). Lingohop is available for pre-order through its Kickstarter campaign for just $45 to receive lifetime access to all of the platform's languages and updates. The app is planned to launch by November or earlier. Visit

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