Now Available: UltraEdit Mac v16.1, with duplicate window

Duplicate window allows you to modify HTML in one window and preview your changes in the other

Ever wanted to open two or more views of the same file? Now you can with the new duplicate window in UltraEdit for Mac v16.1. Harness the power of duplicate window to do WYSIWYG-style HTML editing, as shown above, with UltraEdit's built-in browser preview. Or use multiple duplicate windows and a combination of split window to create multiple views of a large log or data file.

This release also includes a hefty installment of maintenance and performance improvements as well! We've spent the past several months diving deep into the features and functionality you use the most to make it better, smarter, and faster. Check out what's better in v16.1:

  • Improved performance of "XML convert to line terminators"
  • "Revert to Saved" now available for remote (FTP) files
  • Added ability to sort file tabs
  • Order of file tabs now restored on restart
  • Added various other usability improvements for file tabs
  • Full path of active file now shown via CMD + click on title bar
  • Added tooltips for long file names in Open tab of File View
  • Added support for closing UltraEdit dialogs via Ctrl + W
  • Added support for opening drop downs by clicking on them (not just the down-arrow)
  • Added support for dismissing "continue search" prompt via keyboard
  • See the full list

What's new in UltraEdit for Mac v16

UEx is back with a brand new look, and it's beautiful.

New: Themes

UEx 16 fully implements UltraEdit's theme system, allowing our Mac and Linux users to build, customize and share themes with friends on other operating systems. Choose one of our core themes or try our beautiful user-contributed themes to get UltraEdit looking exactly how you'd like it to.

New: Theme manager

Easily create custom themes and modify existing ones to your liking with our theme manager, built from the ground up just for UEx. The theme manager delivers a granular level of control over your editing environment with an interface that's easy to understand.

New: Modernized GUI

We went back and reimagined graphics throughout the application to modernize and enhance the overall user experience.

New: Retina/UHD support

We polished the entire UI to look phenomenal on Retina displays and any other Ultra High Definition screen you might work on.

Additional changes:

  • Fixed minor key mapping issues
  • Fixed minor display issues
  • Status bar now shows regional date
  • Fixed rare crashes experienced by some users
  • Improved syntax highlighting performance
  • Improved FTP performance
  • Various other performance improvements
  • See the full list