UltraEdit Mac v18.0 now available:
Featuring Line Change Indicator and Document Map

UltraEdit for Mac v18.0 screenshot

We've all been there before: you're testing your code changes only to find that a recent change has broken something and now nothing's working. But you've made changes all over your file – how can you inspect those changes quickly? The Line Change Indicator (LCI) solves that problem with easy visual tracking of what lines you've changed in each file. If the line in the margin is red, that line contains an unsaved change. In the line in the margin is green, that line contains a saved change.

Who knows your code better than...you? You spend hours each day with it — sifting it, shaping it, finessing it — until it becomes the work of art you envisioned. The Document Map's aim is to allows you to capitalize on that familiarity. Losing your place in a file can be jarring and disruptive, especially in the middle of a fruitful coding session. By giving you a "bird's eye view" of your file, a quick glance at the Document Map is all it takes to regain your context or find where you need to be.

These two new features are wildly popular and are sure to enhance every user's editing experience. But we didn't stop there – v18.0 also includes screaming fast performance! You'll notice that typing, scrolling, moving around in files – everything is much faster and smoother in v18.0. It's the culmination of a concentrated effort by our development team to make UltraEdit just as fast and powerful as it is rich with features and functionality.

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