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Introducing UEStudio v17.10

New JSON features. Better Line Change Indicator. Faster Document Map.

JSON support in UEStudio v17.10

UEStudio v17.00 introduced a complete refactoring of the code base to provide top-of-the line Unicode and non-Latin language support. Now, v17.10 builds upon that framework of excellence to deliver some truly exciting JSON functionality, a sweet new code folding feature, and some significant performance gains for the Function List, Document Map, and Line Change Indicator.

JSON manager: quickly view, browse, and modify JSON files

The new JSON manager provides an organized tree-style view of JSON data. Reformat, compress, and identify syntax errors. Easily cut, copy, paste, and reorganize key / value pairs or even entire objects and arrays. Open the values table for a neat and tidy list view of an object's keys and values.You can even use drag-and-drop within the JSON manager to move key / value pairs and other objects.

You can open the JSON manager in the Layout tab / menu. The JSON manager will automatically parse files with a .json file extension, but you can also force parse from the context menu.

Set key as object identifier in the JSON Manager

If you have a unique identifier key/value in your JSON objects, you can right-click on it to set it as the label for the objects in the JSON Manager – a huge help when sorting through many objects!

Pretty-print and minimize JSON

Dealing with a single line of minimized JSON data? The new Reformat JSON option in the Coding tab will add line breaks and indentation to the entire JSON file or just the active selection. The new Compress JSON option will minimize JSON by removing all line breaks and extra spaces.

Unparalleled code highlighting for JSON and key/value pairs

V17.10 delivers JSON syntax highlighting that is unmatched in the world of editing with separate highlighting for keys and values. Of course, you can customize the JSON highlighting colors in your theme (Layout tab / menu).

Faster and better Line Change Indicator and Document Map

If you work with huge files or data, you'll notice some serious performance and quality gains when dealing with the LCI or Document Map.

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