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UEStudio v16.20 now available

UEStudio v16.20 packs a powerful one-two punch of performance gains and new functionality. You're gonna love these changes. Check out what's new at the link below...

Introducing UEStudio v16 and the all new modern UI.

Your editor, your way. Our new interface is even more customizable than before.

Why the ribbon? Over the past few years there has been a growing call for modernization with UltraEdit and UEStudio's user interfaces, as well as better support for UHD/4k displays.

We set out to address the concerns of our new and existing users – starting with a survey of you, our existing users. The results were very telling: you wanted a more contemporary look while not sacrificing ease of use and functionality, an easier user interface, better handling of customizations, and last but not least, ultra-high-definition display support... The waiting is over.

Note: As a necessity of new window framework of UEStudio v16 and later, existing menu/toolbar/layout customizations cannot be maintained in the new version. However, any future customizations in v16 and later will be preserved throughout all future releases.

The All New Ribbon

Toolbar / Menu mode

Compact Ribbon Mode

Toolbar / Menu mode, Large Icons


In our last user survey, we asked what new feature you wanted next. The overwhelming response was in favor of a Ribbon UI, and now it's here, implemented as only IDM can. And trust us, you've never seen it like this. We worked hard for months to make this the most deeply customizeable and gorgeous Ribbon there is.

Toolbar / Menu mode

Are you more of a traditionalist? We haven't left you behind! Simply right-click to get to Toolbar / Menu mode, which also includes our updated graphics and a Large Icons option. We've rewritten the familiar toolbar from the ground up, and it's more flexible than ever.

Compact Ribbon Mode

For the times when you may want your custom Ribbon layout, but just a bit more real estate in your editor, Compact Ribbon mode is here. Simply right click your Ribbon and choose Compact Ribbon Mode, and we'll optimize your layout for maximum space everywhere else. You can also minimize your entire Ribbon at any time.

Minimized Ribbon

Get the best of both worlds. When you minimize the ribbon, simply click a tab and its contents will dropdown for you to choose an operation. It'll disappear as soon as you choose an option or click away. It's there when you need it, and conveniently tucked away when you don't.


Your work is your art. And UEStudio's new Ribbon is your palette. Easily create new tabs with custom names. Create groups within those tabs, add your favorite functions to your groups and organize them however you wish. This power to custom tailor your work environment exactly for what you do is unprecedented.

Support for high-resolution displays

Got a high-resolution display? UEStudio v16 has been updated to look great in ultra-high definition. If you're still using a normal HD display, that's OK, too. The bottom line is your favorite text editor is ready, and will look great the day you decide to upgrade.

Select next occurrence

New to UEStudio v16, you can quickly select the next occurrence of any string
with Ctrl + ;
— Press Ctrl + Shift + / at any time to cancel multi-selection when you're ready.

Additional changes:

  • New Python script features (Coding tab)
    • Run Python script
    • Run Pylint to check syntax
  • Restored ability to drag-and-drop file tab for split view of files
  • Further optimizations for improved startup time
  • Addressed and issue that cause the filter setting for spell checker not working anymore for C/C
  • Addressed special circumstances that caused the status bar to fail to refresh
  • Addressed an issue causing Russian spell check dictionary not to work with Russian (UTF-8) text
  • Additional minor graphical enhancements
  • Addressed an issue where installing on Windows 10 machines may cause the installer to produce sharing violation errors
  • Addressed an issue causing the Javascript function list to no longer work due to changes in the wordfile
  • See the full list of changes in UEStudio v16.00