UltraEdit Linux v16.1: themes, duplicate window, more!

UltraEdit on Linux has never looked better.

We're excited to add full support for two of our most-requested features: themes and duplicate window. In addition to new functionality, this release includes a hefty installment of maintenance and performance improvements. Check out what's new and improved:

  • Editor themes and theme manager (View menu)
  • Duplicate window (View menu)
  • Modernized icons and graphics throughout application
  • Improved performance of "XML convert to line terminators"
  • "Revert to Saved" now available for remote (FTP) files
  • Added ability to sort file tabs
  • Order of file tabs now restored on restart
  • Added various other usability improvements for file tabs
  • Added tooltips for long file names in Open tab of File View
  • Added support for dismissing "continue search" prompt via keyboard
  • Added support for launching uex from terminal in a new instance via -fni (Ubuntu only)
  • Improved performance of scrolling and typing
  • Improved visibility of cursor/caret when dragging-and-dropping text
  • Improved C/C++ function list
  • Improved visibility of toggle state on toolbars
  • Addressed issues with cursor/caret position
  • Addressed usability issues with docking controls for child windows
  • Addressed issue with print font
  • Addressed issue with "Show source file" option in Clipboard History
  • Addressed issue with Alt key not working to open menus on some distributions
  • Addressed issue navigating with function list in file opened from FTP
  • Addressed display issues when ruler is disabled
  • Addressed multi-caret editing issues
  • Addressed issue when launching new instance of UEx with root privileges