UltraCompare for Mac/Linux latest changes

Latest Mac release: 20.00, released on 2019-12-20.
Latest Linux release: 18.00, released on 2018-08-20.

UltraCompare for Mac/Linux v18.00 Changes (2018-08-20)

  • Improved / expanded ignore options for text mode
    • New "Ignore options" tab in session properties
    • Set an unlimited number of "Ignore lines containing / starting / ending with" rules
    • New "Ignore everything between" rule to ignore everything between comments, string chars, etc.
    • Use "$" to represent end-of-line for "Ignore everything between" rule
    • Set default ignore rules in Settings » Ignore Options » Text
  • Highlight differences per-word
    • New "Highlighting" sub-menu in View menu tab with options
    • New session property to set highlighting method
    • New global setting under Preferences » Compare » Text
  • Configure line matching algorithm for text compare
    • New "Logical line matching" option in text mode session properties
    • If checked, set how many lines UltraCompare scans to "pair" similar lines and find matching blocks
    • Higher values result in more accurate compare results but might take more time
    • If unchecked, UltraCompare will run a 1-to-1 text compare of lines
    • Disabling can improve text compare performance
  • "Increase font size" and "Decrease font size" (View menu)
  • Various interface changes to improve user-friendliness
  • Improved accuracy of word / line synchronization in text compare mode
  • Improved PDF text compare support