UltraCompare for Mac/Linux v17

Excel / table compare, and themes/UHD support for Linux!

UCx Mac, now featuring themes

You're going to love the updates in the newly-released UltraCompare for Mac/Linux v17!

This release includes Excel / table compare mode for both Mac and Linux, and delivers theme and UHD support for the Linux version of UltraCompare.

You'll also notice a new, intuitive welcome page on first run, providing you with a simple and straightforward way of opening a new compare session.

Full list of changes:

  • Excel/table compare mode
    • Compare Excel (XLSX only) or plain text CSV formats
    • Select different Excel sheets to compare
    • Specify separator character for CSV
    • Ignore rows/columns/cells
    • Optionally use row 1 as column headers
    • Edit, merge, and save across tables
  • DOCx, ODF, and OTF text compare (plain text only)
  • Horizontal ruler for text compare
  • Full UHD/4k support on Linux
  • New navigation control bar next to file paths
  • Welcome page for quickly launching new compares (Mac/Ubuntu only)