UltraCompare file and folder compare full feature list

This page contains a list of all features in the application. Related features are grouped into different categories. Click on a category to jump to those features.

UltraCompare Lite users: Most of these features are not available in UltraCompare Lite. See UltraCompare Lite features, or see the difference between UltraCompare Professional and Lite.

Text compare features

  • Large file support for comparison of files several GB large
    • (Note: UltraCompare does include a memory threshold limitation so as not to consume all of the free RAM on your system. This threshold is based upon a variety of factors but ultimately is determined by the amount of memory required to complete the compare versus the amount of free memory on your system.)
  • Powerful three way text file compare
  • Windows explorer shell integration (right click menu in Windows Explorer) (not yet available for 64-bit systems)
  • Ability to edit text lines and merge within UltraCompare
    • Changes can either be saved or merged to other file
    • Changed lines are highlighted until they are saved
  • Download webpage or web file for text compare by typing its URL into the file address bar
  • Manually re-sync two lines and begin the compare from those chosen lines
  • Copy/paste multiple selected contiguous lines to clipboard
  • Copy compare frame to clipboard
  • Ability to compare whitespace differences between text files (tabs and spaces)
  • Inline editing of text files
  • Full Unicode support
    • Load files with Unicode file paths/names
    • Display and diff Unicode/UTF-8 data
  • Set tab value to a specific number of spaces (like UltraEdit/UEStudio)
  • Compare column ranges of data
    • Set column range(s) to be compared
    • Set column range(s) to be ignored
  • Ability to compare text snippets, including ability to:
    • Paste text into blank compare frames
    • Clear compare frames (temp files are automatically deleted)
    • Merge and save compare results as a separate file
  • Bookmark support
  • Ability to delete lines from file
  • Line-by-line compare of individual text files
  • Status bar shows number of lines/blocks with differences
  • Dockable "Legend & Filters" pane provides quick reference to compare symbols and colors, plus quick access to compare filters
  • Dockable output window with difference summary (cut/copy/paste output)
  • Compare difference summary includes:
    • data in source but not in destination file (or vice versa)
    • character differences between files on the same line
  • Launch folder compare or text compare from command line
  • Ignore options:
    • Ignore case
    • Ignore spaces
    • Ignore blank lines
    • Line terminator differences
    • Lines which begin with: <character or string>
    • Lines which contain: <character or string>
    • Lines which end with: <character or string>
    • A defined number of lines at the beginning of file
    • A defined number of lines at the end of file
  • EBCDIC compare supported
  • Double-byte compare supported

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Folder compare features

  • 2-way folder compare
  • Threaded compare engine for quick handling of large directories
  • Intuitive tree-style view
    • Includes open/close nodes for subdirectories
    • Double-click a compared file or folder to launch a new compare in a new session
  • Compare three folders at at time
  • Mark and hide or unhide files and folders
  • Compare remote (FTP/SFTP/FTPS) folder to local or remote folder
  • CRC support for FTP compares (avoid downloading files to compare them)
  • Compressed archive compare
    • ZIP file compare
    • ZIP file password support
    • RAR file compare
    • Java JAR file compare
  • Side-by-side directory compare presentation
  • Windows explorer shell integration (right click menu in Windows Explorer) (not yet available for 64-bit systems)
  • Switch comparison method on the fly (basic, full, or smart [includes text compare])
  • Dockable preview pane to preview text content of files
  • Dockable "Legend & Filters" pane provides quick reference to compare symbols and colors, plus quick access to compare filters
  • Compare files based on time, date, or size
  • Optionally ignore user-specified directories and file types
  • Optionally ignore file timestamp differences
  • Full Unicode support - compare folders from Unicode paths
  • Ability to customize display of file date/time format in folder compare
  • Set a NOT operator for filter (ie, NOT *.bak, etc.)
  • Provide live update on progress (useful when working with large nested directory trees)
  • Favorite files and folders allow quick access to commonly used compare items
  • Explore source or destination directory by right clicking in folder compare mode
  • Compare individual directories
  • Recursive compare of directories (includes subdirectories)
  • Difference summary includes:
    • same named files with different sizes
    • same named files with different creation dates/times
    • file type: binary or ascii
    • option to automatically display immediately following directory compare
  • Select files with different names in folder compare mode and compare them
  • Right-click on column headings and select fields

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Folder synchronization features

  • Folder Synchronization (check "Folder sync" option at bottom of folder compare)
    • Quickly sync different files between two folders (including subfolders)
    • Use pre-defined, customizable sync rules for determining how to handle differences
    • Create your own sync rules
    • Sync local, networked/shared, and remote/FTP files
    • Adjust sync actions for individual files as needed
    • Review sync actions before executing synchronization
    • Organize folder syncs in "Folder Synchronization" sessions
    • Launch folder sync session directly from UltraCompare's Windows explorer context menu integration
    • Schedule folder sync tasks for full automation
  • Find Duplicates
    • Quickly locate duplicate files between two or more folders (including subfolders)
    • Specify criteria for what constitutes a duplicate file (name, size, date, and/or content)
    • Set ignore options system files, hidden files, recycle bin, etc.
    • Set include/exclude filters to optionally include and exclude files/folders
    • Search for duplicates in local, network/shared, and remote/FTP files
    • Browse list of found duplicates and specify which to keep and which to delete

Word/PDF compare features

  • Compare Microsoft Word documents
  • Compare .doc and .docx files (.docx requires MS Word 2007 or later)
  • Compare text of PDF files
  • Compare RTF Files

Fast binary compare features

  • Byte-for-byte binary comparison
  • Binary compare from command line
  • Option to display decimal offset rather than hexadecimal

Smart binary compare features

  • Binary comparison allowing for shifted data
  • Command line invocation
  • Option to display decimal offset rather than hexadecimal

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Merge features

  • Undo merge
  • Merge compared lines/blocks between files for two and three way text compare
  • Merge compared files between directories for two and three way folder compare
  • Selected line merge capability
  • Accept all (or merge all) button for text mode, and folder mode
  • Word-level (or selection-level) replacement and insertion
  • Mark merged lines for review
  • Enhanced merging - allows changes to be added to changes in other file
  • Merge contents of compared directories
  • Automatically move to the first difference when loading
  • Automatically move to next difference after merge

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Print/output features

  • Print compare results in color
  • Ability to use UltraCompare in batch files to produce reports, side-by-side difference output
  • Print right or left compared file from File menu
  • Print compare difference summary showing matching lines or differences only
  • Print and save differences in context
  • Print and save differences of one file
  • Print and save files side by side
  • Print and save differences from binary compare
  • User configurable report headers/footers

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File management features

  • FTP support
  • Open left/right compare file independently
  • Drag and drop files to compare frame from Windows explorer
  • Close All in the file menu and as a button
  • Automatic file change detection

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Display features

  • Integrated IE browser support - display and compare HTML files as they would appear in the browser
  • Show file in browser
  • Full theme support
    • Manage Themes dialog for creating and modifying themes:
      • Skin the entire application (dockable panes, menus, toolbars, file tabs, status bar, etc.)
      • Set compare colors for text, folder, and binary mode
    • Switch themes with a single click
    • Use one of several pre-defined themes or create your own
    • Import, export, and share your themes with others
  • Text relational lines mode
  • Full width display of active line of each compared file at bottom of application
  • Ability to word wrap compare files
  • Graphical scrolling display to easily locate changes
  • Synchronized horizontal scrolling
  • Flip comparison frames to switch source/destination files/directories
  • Toolbar customization
  • Display line number and column number in the status bar

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Miscellaneous features

  • Version control support via extended command line options and file path aliasing
  • Execution control toolbar to start, stop, or refresh a compare
  • Tabbed sessions allow you to run multiple concurrent compares within one instance of the application
  • Workspace manager (file explorer tab)
    • Browse all system and network drives
    • Drag-and-drop to compare frames
    • Optionally display, browse, and open files from FTP accounts in explorer tree
    • Filter files
  • Workspace manager (sessions tab)
    • Save, name, group, and organize compare sessions for quick access to frequently-used compares
    • Launch and execute sessions directly from session list
    • Set compare/ignore/other options for each session in new session properties dialog
    • Recent sessions option provides quick access to sessions from your last UltraCompare session
  • Set UltraCompare to single instance
  • Manual check for updates
  • Set filter to specify file types to be displayed during folder compare
  • Configurable key mapping
  • Set font for text file compare panes
  • Optional FTP account sharing with UltraEdit/UEStudio
  • Customize/manage toolbars and menus
  • Command line option for quick difference check

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UltraCompare Lite features

  • Text compare
    • Support for line-by-line text compare of individual files
    • Status bar shows number of lines/blocks different
    • Compare difference summary includes:
    • data in source but not in destination file or vice versa
    • data difference between text files on the same line
  • Invoked from UltraEdit or UEStudio
  • HTML help