UltraCompare v17 released: Export compare result as HTML!

The new UltraCompare is here! You're going to love the HTML compare results – save your compare as an HTML document to share with coworkers, post online, or more. You can export compare results for all modes: text, folder, table, and binary.

Screenshot of new HTML result in UltraCompare v17.00

Folder mode report

Table mode report

Binary mode report

You can export HTML reports by going to File » Save result report » Save HTML result.

You can even modify the look and feel of the HTML compare result by updating the CSS files under %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraCompare\report.

Also in v17: Improved ignore options

With the new "Ignore everything between" ignore rule, you can set UltraCompare to ignore differences in comments, strings, or any other text markers. You can also ignore from a certain text marker to the end of the line, which is useful for ignoring differences in line comments.

You can now set multiple ignore options in the "Ignore" tab of the session properties window. Add as many as you want!

Also in v17: Expanded control of text compare algorithm

UltraCompare has always applied an algorithm to match up lines of similarity that might exist in different positions of the files you're comparing. UltraCompare v17 adds flexibility to this powerful functionality by offering a compare option to adjust the accuracy level of this algorithm or disable it completely.

Disabling "Logical line matching" might help if UltraCompare is matching lines you don't want to be matched. Decreasing the scan number may increase performance while also increasing the chance of missing a potential match, while increasing the scan number may decrease performance while also increasing the chance of finding a potential match.