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Featuring many folding enhancements including "code peek" on hover

screenshot of code folding peek feature in UltraEdit v25.10

Code folding is an essential component of any serious developer's editor. Collapsing sections of code to quickly navigate source is a huge time saver and productivity booster. But what happens when you need to see what's collapsed – without disrupting your current view and state of the file? Enter v25.10's code folding "peek" feature – now you can simply hover over the collapsed code marker to get a quick tooltip preview of the code that's hidden!

But we didn't stop there...v25.10 includes other enhancements for folding, as well as other exciting improvements and enhancements. Read on below!

Folding enhancements: Alt + Click / Ctrl + Click

Version 25.10 introduces the following code folding enhancements:

  • Hold Ctrl and click on a folding node to collapse (or expand) that node, and all sub-nodes within it.
  • Hold Alt and click on a folding node to collapse (or expand) all folding nodes in the whole file.
  • While you're editing, you can press Ctrl + Subtract (on numeric keypad) to collapse or expand the "parent" folding node of the active line – whether or not you're on the first line of the folding section.

Full Unicode support for wordfiles

UltraEdit v24 was introduced as the first native Unicode version of UltraEdit. UltraEdit v25 built upon that foundation by introducing refactored internal UTF-8 handling for improved performance and display of UTF-8 files. Now, v25.10 takes Unicode support to its zenith with full syntax highlighting support for Unicode! You can now create syntax highlighting wordfiles in ANSI, UTF-16, or UTF-8 format – with or without a BOM. Use any Unicode character in keywords, as comment strings, strin character, braces, and more.

Set custom delimiter for sort by field

UltraEdit includes robust sort based on column position. But what about those times where you need to sort by field – for example, IP addresses? V25.10 now includes the ability to specify a custom field delimiter so that you can sort by field rather than column position. In the use case of IP addresses, you would simply specify the period as the delimiter, and let UltraEdit do the rest!

Set word character overrides per-language

When you double-click some text to select it, how much text should be selected? What are the word boundaries? If you're in a PHP or PowerShell file, should a variable's leading "$" be included in the selection? What about other source languages? Version 25.10 allows you to sort all this out with the new "/Word Select Include" wordfile setting, which allows you to set overrides for any non-word characters to be used as word characters. For example, for PHP you may wish to add /Word Select Include = $ to your wordfile, and then any time you double-click a variable name, its leading "$" will be included in the selection.

Clear filter on selection

Love the new "Filter on selection" feature, but want an easier way to clear it? V25.10 makes clearing the filter simple by changing to "Clear filter" after the filter's been set.

Faster brace and HTML tag matching with long lines

Matching hundreds of braces or nested HTML tags has historically been a resource-intensive task for any editor, but UltraEdit v25.10 takes performance in this area to a new level. Navigate your bulky source files with extremely long lines swiftly and easily thanks to the under-the-hood performance gains introduced in the new version!

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