What can UltraEdit do for an educator or researcher?

Highly configurable and fully customizable!

UltraEdit is renowned for its highly configurable features and robust customization capabilities. From key mapping, menus, toolbars, cursor type colors, macros and much more; you can fully customize UltraEdit to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Features for educators/researchers...

  • Convert huge files quickly and easily
  • Data mine unstructured mainframe reports
  • Update websites across multiple servers
  • Reformat/standardize electronic text/program source code
  • Convert between mainframe, PC and Unicode data formats
  • Sort, find, replace, and remove data in seconds
  • Design, build, publish, and maintain web sites
  • Unmatched search and replace power
  • Handles text and binary files with equal ease
  • Process files greater than 4GB in size
  • Multiple document interface
    • Allows for editing many documents at once
  • Open file tabs for quick navigation/sorting of open files
  • Drag-and-drop editing
  • Word wrap - hard or soft wrap, automatic or based on file-extension
  • Automatic word wrap at specified column with hard return
  • Auto-indentation
  • Column mode justify (left, right, center)
    • Justifies text only in specified columns
  • Cut, copy and paste support
  • Copy - append and cut - append
    • Allows user to copy/cut selection and append it to the clipboard
  • Select all, select line, select word, delete, delete line
  • Windows clipboard plus 9 custom clipboards supported to allow multiple items to be copied to different clipboards for later use
  • "UltraEdit year after year remains the ultimate text editor for software developers, web-heads, and writers alike. If you don't have it, get it. It's one of about 10 software applications you simply can't live without."Mark J.
    • Powerful find and replace support
      • Allows for editing many documents at once
      • Support for ASCII/Unicode Replace
      • List lines containing string and much more
      • Exact search (including multi-line and binary character search)
      • Pattern or wildcard search
      • Replace text can even preserve the case of the original
    • User configurable toolbars - save multiple configurations
    • Edit DOS/Unix/Mac files without any conversion required
    • Extract email addresses or web links or any other user-specific data
    • Includes UltraCompare Lite at no additional cost - a free diff tool!
      • Text compare
      • Support for line-by-line comparison of individual files
      • Status bar shows number of lines/blocks different
      • Difference summary includes:
      • data in source but not in destination file or vice versa
      • data difference between files on the same line
    • Fast Binary Compare

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