What can UltraEdit do for a banker or accountant?

Easy to learn and use!

A hallmark of UltraEdit is its configurable toolbars and menus. Users can simply put the application in basic or advanced mode in a simple mouse click!

UltraEdit is well-rounded with over 12 years of publication. With over two million registered users, it's highly seasoned and widely considered the defacto industry standard of text and programmers editors.

Features for bankers and accountants...

  • Disk-based text editing
    • Supports files in excess of 4GB
    • minimum RAM used even for multi-megabyte files
  • Insert string at every increment
    • Ideal for formatting database records
  • Column/block editing
  • Allows insertion/removal of columns of data
  • Insert/fill columns
  • Insert line numbers
  • Sum columns/selection
  • Convert to fixed column
  • Convert to character delimited

"I probably run 40 different applications in my company one of which cost in excess of $25K!!! Not one of them comes near to you in terms of service and product quality."Guy J.

  • Extract email addresses or web links or any other user-specific data
  • Includes UltraCompare Lite at no additional cost - a free diff tool!
    • Text compare
    • Support for line-by-line comparison of individual files
    • Status bar shows number of lines/blocks different
    • Difference summary includes:
    • data in source but not in destination file or vice versa
    • data difference between files on the same line
  • Fast Binary Compare

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