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What can UltraEdit text editor do for you?

UltraEdit is used across a diverse range of industries, from professional writers, researchers and journalists to advanced programmers, database managers and web developers. Scores of individuals use UltraEdit as a powerful replacement for windows notepad and even more use it as a text editor because of its ability to handle multiple documents at once, large file handling, powerful search/find/replace functionality, spell checking versatility and much more.

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The top 10 things you must know about UltraEdit

UltraEdit Top 10Replacing Notepad or looking for a powerful text editor? UltraEdit is what you're looking for. UltraEdit is the ideal text, HEX, HTML, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Perl, and Programmer's editor. It's versatile and easy to use. UltraEdit is specially designed for inputting and editing text and code, UltraEdit supports configurable syntax highlighting and code structuring for most any programming languages.

With its clear layout and powerful project and workspace features, it can handle complex and sophisticated software-development projects. Despite UltraEdit's vast range of features, UltraEdit never feels overwhelming. It's flexible and easy to customize, handles files in excess of 4GB, and the polished user interface provides easy access to the most important options.

Without further ado, we present the top 10 things you must know about UltraEdit:

  1. Widely considered the defacto standard in text and programming editors
  2. Nominated/Winner "Application of the Year" and other coveted industry awards year-after-year
  3. TOP RATED by PC Magazine and Download.com senior editorial staff
  4. Published by a debt-free, US-based, CISP Compliant software corporation for 12-plus years
  5. Renowned support: Got a problem? Feature request? Need a quote? We are here to help...
  6. Editor of choice for over two million users and many Fortune 100, 500, 1000 corporations
  7. Featured internationally in numerous magazines, websites, books, and more...
  8. Hundreds of available features in an incredibly customizable interface
  9. New release and updates published several times per year - fully localized in 8 languages.
  10. Comes with UltraCompare Lite FREE, one-year upgrades FREE, and lifetime support...

"I've been using UltraEdit since 1996. It's the best technical decision I've ever made. Since then I've converted at least 20 other programmers to the UltraEdit fold at The Ohio State University, The Ohio State University Medical Center and St. Elizabeth Medical Center. It's never taken more than a five minute demo to convince a programmer to buy UltraEdit..."
- Mark D.
"I have never written to anyone about their product before, but I feel compelled to write to you. I am a Systems Integrator and full time programmer for Weber Electronics. I have never had the pleasure of using a program that works as well as UltraEdit. I use it every day. It is smart and feature-packed. Also, you have spent an incredible amount of time making this program intuitive. Either that, or we think exactly alike. There have been at least a hundred times that I have said, "It sure would be nice if I could get UltraEdit to do that," and after a short trip through the menus...there it is!!!"
- Leroy W.

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