UltraFinder v19.00 now available

Fresh, updated UI...and faster search to boot!

Screenshot of command palette UltraEdit v26

UltraFinder v19 is a ground-up rewrite that leverages the same UI and framework as our other Windows applications. The result is a vastly improved user experience and performance gains throughout the application. You'll enjoy a much cleaner and smoother UI in general, with improvements and adjustments to themes, dockable windows, menus / ribbon, and more. These changes are a huge step forward for usability and user experience!

The business end of any search application is the results, which is why most of UltraFinder's interface is now dedicated to the results area. With the new framework, we've improved the handling and display of results to provide you with a smoother and more responsive experience when acting upon your search results.

V19 also introduces tabbed search sessions. In fact, you can run multiple searches simultaneously and maintain separate result sets for each search, and each session maintains its own separate search settings.

Perhaps most importantly, UltraFinder v19 includes drastic performance gains across the board, with improved search speeds to MFT search, standard search and find duplicates!