UltraFinder v20.00 now available

Improved performance and accuracy for PDF, Word Docs, UTF-8, and more!

Screenshot of UltraFinder v20

UltraFinder v20 represents a dedicated effort to perfect and improve performance for PDF and Word Document searches. We've spent weeks under the hood, perfecting UltraFinder's search engine for these document formats to ensure greater accuracy and proper highlighting of matches in the search results area.

In addition to this, we've vastly improved UltraFinder's search support for non-Latin Unicode / UTF-8 characters when searching file contents and looking for case sensitive matches. Display of Unicode data in search results is greatly improved.

Got duplicates? UltraFinder 20 includes zebra striping for duplicates by group so that you can more easily identify, sort, and act upon duplicate files. This update also includes much better performance and user experience when scrolling, sorting, and deleting large numbers of duplicates.

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