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UltraSentry 13 released: Reimagined, Reinvented, Refined

Ideal for personal use, essential for businesses, UltraSentry '13 is a re-imagined security application designed to provide a complete solution for data security and document management. UltraSentry '13 extends the power of its existing secure delete engine, while adding new features and functionality to form a complete document management solution. The all-new Drop Center makes security a snap!

Eliminate your risk: Use UltraSentry as your secure document management solution.

New: Store your most sensitive files and folders in the all-new Digital Locker

UltraSentry makes it easy to protect your data. Secure any file or folder by simply moving it to UltraSentry's all-new digital locker. Drag and drop any file/folder to your digital locker and let UltraSentry protect it for you. After you close your digital locker, your data is password protected and encrypted.

Screenshot of Digital Locker feature new in UltraSentry v13.00

As the screenshot above shows, UltraFinder displays your Digital Locker just like a normal explorer window. Your files are securely encrypted at all times unless you double-click them to open them or tell UltraSentry to decrypt them. To move a file or folder out of the Digital Locker, right-click on it and select Move.

The Digital Locker is integrated with UltraEdit and UEStudio

Screenshot of Digital Locker integration with UltraEdit/UEStudioThe Digital Locker is fully integrated with UltraEdit and UEStudio! Right-click on a source or text file to open it in UltraEdit or UEStudio.

After you're done modifying the file in UltraEdit, close your Digital Locker and your file is securely locked again.

You can also use the Open with... command to open the file in the application of your choice.

It's easy to add a file or folder to your Digital Locker! UltraSentry's explorer integration allows you to right-click on a file or folder in Windows explorer and send it directly to the Digital Locker. You can also drag and drop files(s)/folder(s) into your Digital Locker.

Screenshot of Digital Locker shell integration

New: Secure and safe file deletion with the File Shredder

UltraSentry has always featured a powerful file and data secure delete engine. UltraSentry '13 improves upon this with the File Shredder, which makes deleting multiple files/folders easy and safe. Drag the files and folders you want to delete to the shredder, then double-check and confirm before securely deletion begins. UltraSentry deletes data off the disk so that they are physically and forensically unrecoverable.

Screenshot of File Shredder feature new in UltraSentry v13.00

New: Easy access to UltraSentry with the Drop Center

Harness the power of UltraSentry without opening the application! The Drop Center is an auto-hidden quick access menu which anchors itself to the edge of your desktop. Hover over the slim tab to expand the Drop Center menu. Quickly shred a document or drop a file in your Digital Locker. The Drop Center makes it easy!

Screenshot of UltraSentry Drop Center

Improved: Simplified browser cleanup

Use UltraSentry to protect your privacy on the internet: clean cookies instantly, keeping only those you want. Manage all temporary internet files and data with UltraSentry's browser cleaner, securely erasing browser histories, auto-complete, error logs, and more.

Screenshot of UltraSentry web browser cleaning features

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