Why renew maintenance?

Your software is an important part of your organization's productivity, and it is crucial that it stays current and supported. IDM maintenance is a highly attractive and cost-effective option to provide your licenses ongoing support and upgrades. The benefits of maintenance subscription are threefold:

  1. It provides substantial savings on renewals (60% on the upgrade cost)
  2. It ensures full compatibility with the latest evolving technologies and OS changes
  3. It provides innovations and enhancements for one of your employees' most important tools

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1. Maintenance provides substantial savings on renewals

While licenses are typically renewable at 50% of the new license value, a maintenance subscription provides the benefit of renewal at only 20% of the new license value. This provides a savings of 60% on the upgrade cost.

The timeline below illustrates the compounding savings of maintenance over a 5-year period for a new license valued at $1,000:

Timeline showing maintenance savings over a 5 year period

As you can see, by the end of 5 years with maintenance, you'll have saved 33% on your upgrade costs! Even better: the savings continue to increase as long as you stay current and stay enrolled.

2. Maintenance ensures compatibility with the latest evolving technologies and OS changes

It's no secret — the world of computing is extremely fluid and dynamic. New technologies, challenges, and security threats emerge on a daily basis. So how do you ensure that the tools your organization relies upon are equipped to mitigate and leverage these changes? By keeping those tools up to date.

For example, many corporations are beginning their migrations to Windows 8. As with any major OS upgrade, there are challenges associated with porting over essential applications so that your employees can continue working uninterrupted with the tools they need. For those customers who are covered by a maintenance subscription, their enrollment ensures that their IDM software is current and fully compatible with this and any future new version of Windows.

Keeping your maintenance current ensures that your software is working for you rather than against you. Instead of struggling to maintain compatibility in the wake of an evolving technological landscape, up-to-date software provides you with the confidence and peace-of-mind that you're protected against new threats and compatible with the latest changes to existing technologies, operating systems, and best practices.

3. Maintenance provides innovations to one of your employees' most important tools

Our software is developed and supported by a professional, full-time, and in-house engineering team. Together, with our support and QA departments, we are always standing ready to identify and implement new solutions which will provide our customers better performance and productivity.

With an up-tempo release and maintenance schedule, your maintenance enrollment ensures that your users will always receive these improvements so that you can worry about your business objectives...not the tools that will help you achieve them. And of course, if you ever need technical assistance or have a question regarding your license, help is just an email away.

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