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Regular expressions

Regular Expressions are essentially patterns rather than specific strings that are used with Find/Replace operations. There are many ways that regular expressions may be used to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. We have listed below a reference key for both UltraEdit-style and UNIX-style regular expressions as well as some examples to demonstrate how regular expressions may be used in UltraEdit.

Regular Expressions in UltraEdit
UltraEdit SymbolUNIX SymbolFunction
%^Matches/anchors the beginning of line.
$$Matches/anchors the end of line.
?.Matches any single character except a newline character. Does not match repeated newlines.
* Matches any number of occurrences of any character except newline.
++Matches one or more of the preceding single character/character set. At least one occurrence of the preceding character or at least one of the characters in preceding character set must be found.
++*Matches the preceding single character/character set zero or more times.
^\Indicates the next character has a special meaning. "n" on its own matches the character "n". "^n" (UE expressions) or "\n" (UNIX expressions) matches a linefeed or newline character. See examples below.
[ ][ ]Matches any single character or range in the brackets.

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