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UEx Power Tips

This is the index page for UEx power tips.

  • FTP through NautilusDid you know that you can access remote FTP files in UltraEdit for Linux with a variety of server connection protocols? Using Nautilus, the default file manager for the popular GNOME desktop, you can access files via FTP, SFTP, Windows shares, or even...
  • Primary SelectUsing Linux's primary select feature in UltraEdit for Linux
  • Custom terminalSet up a user tool to interact with the command line and specify a custom terminal for output
  • Custom file browserUltraEdit for Linux allows you to right-click any file or folder in your Project (from the File View) and browse it on the file system. But did you know that you can configure which file browser is launched from UltraEdit?
  • Scripting tutorialAn introduction to the integrated scripting feature in UltraEdit for Linux
  • Writing a macroSteps to record and edit powerful macros to quickly and efficiently edit files
  • Find and ReplaceA guide to the powerful features and options available under the "Search" menu.
  • Find in Selected TextFind and Replace is a cornerstone feature for UltraEdit, so it is of course integral to UltraEdit for Linux. The Linux version offers the same features as in the Windows version, as well as additional features. One specific feature that was improved...
  • Using bookmarksProvides a way for you to mark and quickly access lines of interest in your files via bookmarks. To add a bookmark, make sure the cursor is positioned on the line you'd like to bookmark. Press CTRL + F2....
  • Adding a wordfile Add a language definition to your wordfile for use with UltraEdit's powerful syntax highlighting
  • ProjectsIn UltraEdit for Linux, projects are a convenient, time-saving, feature that allow you to group and manage associated files. Additionally, Projects are integrated throughout the framework of UltraEdit making it easier to perform other actions on your...
  • Search FavoritesUltraEdit for Linux includes a Search and Replace Favorites feature that allows you to manage frequently used Find and Replace strings. Create, name, and edit your Search and Replace Favorites...
  • Column modeHow to use column and block selection mode in UltraEdit for Linux
  • TemplatesHow to create text editing templates in UltraEdit for Linux
  • Keyboard shortcutsA quick reference guide to UltraEdit's (Linux) default keyboard shortcuts
  • How to use the UltraEdit for Linux tar packageThis guide shows you how to download and use the tar.gz package of UltraEdit
  • UltraEdit for Linux v1.20: Scripting enhancementsOne of UEx's trademark features is the ability to automate tasks through scripting; v1.2 extends the power of scripting further with includes.
  • UltraEdit for Linux Command Line SupportUltraEdit for Linux has many convenient command line options and flags for calling UEx from a console/terminal as part of a script, or simply for convenience.
  • Advanced file sortingSort files in UEx with a powerful array of options and settings, including optional sort keys
  • UltraEdit on FreeBSDRun UltraEdit text editor for Linux on FreeBSD