CSS Editor: UltraEdit v24.20

UltraEdit is a powerful text and web-developers editor that supports editing CSS, HTML, and much more. Additionally, UltraEdit supports many other web-centric languages: Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Perl, and more.

UltraEdit's CSS editing features include an integrated CSS style builder, CSS syntax highlighting, brace-matching, code folding, css-style parsing in the function list, and more.

In addition to the CSS editing features, UltraEdit also supports a variety of HTML editing features: HTML preview, launch active file in browser, an HTML tag list for access to nearly any HTML tag, custom templates for frequently used code, FTP, SFTP, and FTPS support, and so much more...

Download UltraEdit to begin editing your CSS files and discover why over 2 million users prefer UltraEdit as their editor of choice.

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Key CSS editing features

  • Syntax highlighting - includes code folding
  • Column/Block mode editing
  • FTP client with multiple account settings and automatic logon and save (32-Bit only).
    • Includes support for SFTP and FTPS (Control only, Control and data, Implicit)
    • Ability to set a remote (server based) or local (Perl regex based) filter (provides filtering ability for SFTP)
    • Advanced proxy support
    • Advanced SSL certificate handling
    • Set local default directory for each FTP account
  • Additional HTML editing and web tools:
  • Integrated file compare
  • SSH/telnet console - connect to your server for quick edits to your PHP files
  • Find/Replace and Find/Replace in Files
  • Project support
  • Link local PHP file repository to server PHP file repository
  • Integrated macros and scripting
  • XML Manager with parsed XML tree view plus ability to move, delete, and modify nodes and reformat XML
  • WebSearch Toolbar: highlight text and click websearch toolbar button to search for PHP function definitions.
  • And so much more...

Did you know... You can also use UltraEdit to edit the following: