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You can download and try UE/UC Mobile before you buy! Important note: You must have PortableApps (a free download) installed on your flash drive in order to use UEm/UCm. If you don't have PortableApps, download it first.

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Download UEm/UCm for PortableApps
English Download
UEm v21.20 (2014-06-26) English
UCm v14.00 (2014-06-06) English
German Download
UEm v21.20 (2014-06-26) German
UCm v14.00 (2014-06-06) German
French Download
UEm v21.20 (2014-06-26) French
UCm v14.00 (2014-06-06) French
Italian Download
UEm v21.20 (2014-06-26) Italian
UCm v14.00 (2014-06-06) Italian
Spanish Download
UEm v21.20 (2014-06-26) Spanish
UCm v14.00 (2014-06-06) Spanish
Japanese Download
UEm v21.20 (2014-06-26) Japanese
UCm v14.00 (2014-06-06) Japanese
Korean Download
UEm v21.20 (2014-06-26) Korean
UCm v14.00 (2014-06-06) Korean
Simplified Chinese Download
UEm v21.20 (2014-06-26) Chinese
UCm v14.00 (2014-06-06) Chinese

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Free Trial Period

Upon installation, you will be provided a 30 day trial period. After this period expires, you must purchase a license to continue using the application. While running UE-Mobile in trial mode, you will not be able to use the Save or Print functions, however these options will activate once the application is registered.

This download is for UE Mobile v21.20 and UC Mobile v14.00

All licensing includes one year of complimentary upgrades. Complimentary upgrades are not driven by version number or point release, but rather the 12 month period following the date of paid registration.

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UE/UC Mobile

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