Our remarkable past

UltraEdit (started as IDM) was founded by Ian D. Mead and has been publishing world-class software since 1994. IDM products have won coveted industry awards to include various Editor’s Choice Awards, Application of the Year Awards, and People’s Choice Awards. Our software is highly recognized for its programming excellence and is featured internationally in numerous magazines and textbooks.

UltraEdit is a pioneer in text editing software and has over 4 million global users. UltraEdit provides a comprehensive suite of products, including UltraEdit, UEStudio, UltraCompare, UltraFinder and UltraFTP. UltraEdit’s products serve customers ranging from individual programmers and startups to large enterprises and corporations, including BMW, Capital One, CVS Pharmacy, Intel, Progressive, Samsung, and many others.

UltraEdit emphasizes configurability and easy-to-use products that seamlessly work on Windows, Mac and Linux. The many hundreds of product features across UltraEdit’s suite of tools enable diverse users to increase productivity and simplify daily tasks. UltraEdit aspires to provide high quality products that combine innovation and high performance with value pricing and dependable support. UltraEdit further appeals to teams requiring high security capability.


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Our sensational future: Idera, Inc. acquires UltraEdit

In August 2021, UltraEdit and its solution-based suite of tools was acquired by Idera, Inc. Like IDM, Idera understood and recognized our sophisticated user community and committed to taking UltraEdit to the next level of success while delivering amazing support. These synergies are the hallmark of the UltraEdit brand, and both IDM and Idera recognized an opportunity to bring an immediate and positive business impact via Idera’s wealth of resources and robust experience.

The transaction with Idera has allowed us to expand our growth and operations at an accelerated pace. Idera aims to completely blanket the UltraEdit user community with any and all resources necessary to “future-proof” the world’s best editing suite. Although leadership changed hands, IDM’s operations continue to function business-as-usual with the same high levels of support our users have come to expect. We are proud that we’ve been able to maintain our commitment to supporting the community that supports us. Our customers can expect continued sector leadership from Idera with respect to high-performance dev tools and world-class customer service!

Read the press release here: Idera Adding Pioneer in Text Editing Products to Growing Developer Tools Business

About Idera, Inc.

Idera, Inc. brands span three divisions – Database Tools, Developer Tools, and DevOps Tools – with products evangelized by millions of community members and some of the world’s largest health care, financial services, retail and technology companies.

Idera, Inc. has always focused on the end-user, and helping software users make real-time technical decisions in business. Over the past 20 years, Idera, Inc. has delivered more tools and innovations to more people, and established itself as a trusted advisor by expanding the Idera, Inc. portfolio of brands. All of these brands have the following things in common:

  • User-focused products – that empower end-users to solve problems, easily, intuitively, and elegantly
  • Connected tools – that democratize disparate data and processes across teams, organizations and geographies
  • Innovative solutions – on the forefront of hyper-growth markets such as business process modeling, IoT, and market-disrupting test management tools
  • Communities of experts – who are passionate about increasing the collective knowledge of all users

To learn more about Idera Developer Tools solutions, visit About Idera, Inc.