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UltraEdit text editor for Mac

The world's best text editor is now available for Mac! UltraEdit for Mac is a native Mac application based on the popular Windows text editor, UltraEdit! UE Mac offers a myriad of tools that make it ideal for anything from basic text editing, to a full-fledged development in languages such as C, Objective C, Javascript, XML, PHP, Perl, Python, and others. UltraEdit for Mac includes your favorite UltraEdit features such as Find in Files, Replace in Files, native FTP/FTPS, macros, scripting, column/block mode, and a lot more.


"...I am ready to say goodbye forever to my current editor and my Windows VM. ;)"
- Scott W.
"I got the beta yesterday and i must say i really like what I see, really 'Applish' while still positively being UltraEdit, my old editing companion..."
- Michael A.
"I'm beta testing the new version of UltraEdit for Mac. First I think it is great! Almost all the features I use every day, are there. This is definitely the end of my Windows VMWare and I'll be 100% Mac now."
- Rodrigo T.
"Thanks a million for deciding to support UE on the Mac. Now I can use UltraEdit EVERYWHERE. What a relief!"
- Dan V.

UltraEdit for Mac Screenshots

UltraEdit for Mac is a truly native Mac application designed to provide a feature-rich editing experience with a truly Mac OSX native look and feel... without sacrificing any of the functionality you've come to love from UltraEdit over the years.

Screenshot of UltraEdit interface on Mac

Of course, you can customize the look and feel of UltraEdit to suit your preferences - toolbars, child windows, font, color, window sizes and more.

Screenshot of a minimal UltraEdit interface

The Best Find and Replace Functionality in the Business

When you think of UltraEdit's most robust features, one of the first that comes to mind is Find/Replace and Find in Files/Replace in Files. UltraEdit for Mac offers the powerful find/replace functionality enjoyed by millions of Windows users for years, with support for regular expressions (Perl, Unix, and Legacy), column-based find and replace, list lines containing string, and a whole lot more.

Screenshot of find dialog in UltraEdit Mac

Integrated FTP Client

Open, edit, and save your remote files from FTP/SFTP servers with UltraEdit's integrated FTP client! Access FTP files via the Browser, FTP Open, or the Remote tab in the File View window.

Screenshot of FTP Open dialog in UltraEdit Mac

Access and browse your FTP accounts via the Remote file browser in the File View.

Screenshot of FTP explorer in UltraEdit Mac

Manage and organize FTP accounts with UltraEdit's built-in FTP Account Manager.

Screenshot of FTP account manager in UltraEdit Mac

Organize and Access Your Files Quickly with Projects

UltraEdit for Mac includes a convenient feature for grouping and organizing files - projects! Whether you're working on a remote website, a local development project, or a group/collaborative development effort, projects make it quick and easy to switch between groups of folders/files on the fly.

Screenshot of project support in UltraEdit Mac

Feature-Rich Column / Block Mode Editing

Edit your files in columnar format! UltraEdit has always been known for its powerful column mode edit functionality, and with features like Sum Column, Fixed-Width/Character-Delimited conversion, Column Markers, and more, you'll find everything you need for block editing in UltraEdit on Mac. Use Alt + Mouse Select for quick block selections as well!

Screenshot of column mode in UltraEdit Mac

Full Hex Editing Support

Need to inspect or modify the hex data of binary files? That's no problem with UltraEdit's integrated hex editor.

Screenshot of hex editing in UltraEdit Mac

UltraEdit for Mac System Requirements

UltraEdit for Mac runs on all OSX systems 10.5 and later (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion), with support for Intel-based processors only.

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