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UltraEdit for Mac latest changes

The list below contains the latest changes for UltraEdit for Mac and Linux. This is a consolidated listing of new or enhanced features as well as fixes in the application.

The most recent version is 16.0, released on 2016-02-12. Download it here.

UE Mac changes

  • Restored file tab drag-and-drop for split view of files

UE Mac 16.0 release notes

  • Added theme functionality and default themes
  • Added theme manager
  • Updated graphics for Retina and UltraHD
  • Added font zoom
  • Favorite Files
    • Addressed an issue where "Add Active File" was not subdued in Favorite Files dialog when the active file was a temporary "Edit" file
    • Addressed a rare crash involving using Favorite Files while no files were open
  • Display
    • Addressed issue where repeated Ctrl+Tab with subsequent release would incorrectly cycle through files
    • Addressed rare toolbar corruption scenario
    • Addressed localization issues
    • Addressed a minor discrepancy in relative mouse pointer position
  • Key Mapping
    • Addressed issue where shortcuts were not properly added
    • Addressed issue where shortcuts could not be added after a failure to properly map
    • Addressed issue where Ctrl+Tab would occasionally behave unexpectedly
  • Search
    • Addressed issue where undo would not work in Find dialog fields
    • Addressed issue where it was impossible to select "No" when prompted to continue search from the other end of the file without using the mouse
  • File Tabs
    • Addressed a graphical issue when a file was marked dirty with an asterisk
    • Addressed rare issue where file tabs did not properly stack to a new row
  • File View
    • Addressed an issue that caused a pasted new node name to be pasted into the active document
    • Addressed issue where the Places pane did not update automatically when a mounted image was ejected
    • Fixed an issue where the splitter did not adjust when resizing the app/File View window
  • Status Bar
    • Addressed an issue where the status bar fails to initialize with correct information when first opening a file
    • Addressed an issue where the status bar did not display regional date correctly
  • Syntax Highlighting
    • Addressed an issue where certain user settings resulted in unexpected character display behavior
    • Removed unexpected bold defaults
  • Addressed an application hang when switching between 20+ files with function list open
  • Addressed issue with configuration management UI
  • Fixed rare crash when cycling through open applications and quitting UE a second time
  • Addressed rare open crash
  • Addressed cursor issue with OS X El Capitan
  • Addressed issue where prompt dialog was displayed subdued when closing a dirty file
  • Addressed a rare issue causing unexpected license expiration
  • Changed "View -> Views/Lists" to "View -> Toolbars/Windows"
  • Addressed view not switching appropriately with file open when using multiple desktops
  • Addressed an issue where File View > Places sometimes didn't show files in unsplit view
  • Addressed an issue where "Places" didn't remember the position of the previous session