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PortableApps supported

Run the world's best file management solution on your USB drive!

UE-Mobile (UEM) and UC-Mobile (UCM): UltraEdit/UltraCompare for PortableApps!

Take the #1 selling, most powerful text editing solution with you: home, office, or on the road! Access the same countless features of UltraEdit/UltraCompare - macros, scripting, syntax highlighting, column mode, code folding, Unicode support, FTP/Telnet, etc. - all from your flash drive.

What does Versatility by Design mean? To us, versatility isn't just carrying your important files around on your flash drive; it's also having your most trusted development tools available on the same flash drive. This enables our users to make any PC, their PC. Anywhere. Anytime. Announcing UEM and UCM - mobile solutions for your USB drive.

UltraEdit mobile

"I was just at a customer's site that will not let me put my laptop on the network so having [mobility] was a dream! I had all my tools that I normally do not have at that customers site. I know this resulted in my time away from the office being less!"
- Scott Z.

*Flash drive not included.

Mobile UE/UC for PortableApps

PortableApps logoscreenshot of PortableApps launchpadPortableApps is the innovative, open-source, free USB-drive operating system platform that is available for any user with a simple USB flash drive! Simply install the PortableApps software on your USB flash drive and you're ready to go - carry all of your favorites, settings, email, and more with you - and now carry your favorite text editor and folder/file comparison solution! Download the PortableApps install file for UltraEdit Mobile and the PortableApps install file for UltraCompare Mobile to begin your portable solution now.

For more information on PortableApps, as well as the free software needed to make your USB flash drive PortableApps-enabled, visit the PortableApps website.

*Due to some technical restrictions of running the applications from a USB drive, UE to UC interaction (and vice versa), file associations, and shell integration are unavailable in both UEm and UCm. Additionally, administrative rights on the host system are required for FTP and SSH functionality.

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"We won't mince words:
UltraEdit is outstanding..."

Corporate Licensing

It's easy to purchase corporate licensing from us!

  • Bulk/quantity discounts
  • Enterprise/plant/site licensing
  • Purchase with PO or invoice

The new UltraSuite

The only fully integrated solution of its kind!

Four powerful applications: UltraEdit, UltraCompare, UltraFinder, and UltraSentry!

Save over 33% when you bundle with the UltraSuite!

Power of Portable

Now supporting PortableApps!

UE/UC Mobile

Unleash the power of the total file management solution on your flash drive!