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UEStudio integrated development environment tour: function list

The UEStudio tour is intended to guide you through some of the advanced IDE features of the application. UEStudio includes all of the features of UltraEdit, the world's best text editor, which are not covered here.

UEStudio tour: function list

One of the great timesavers in UEStudio and a tool that provides a quick overview of a file/project, the function list in UEStudio provides both a means of quickly seeing the functions included in the active file/project as well as an alternate method of navigation within the active file/project.

UEStudio's function list

Based on the function definition strings defined in the wordfile, UEStudio displays a list of functions in the active project/file in the function list pane. Right clicking in the function list presents a context menu with several options:

UEStudio's function list right click options

1. Sort List sorts listed functions alphabetically. If this option is not selected functions will be listed as they occur in the active file/project.

2. List for all Project Files lists functions for all files in the active project. If this is not selected only functions in the active file will be displayed.

3. Copy to Clipboard copies the list of currently displayed functions to the clipboard.

If a function is double-clicked in the list the associated source file will be repositioned such that the related line is active in the edit window.

UEStudio's function list double-click

Up to six different function strings may be defined for each language in the wordfile. For further information please see Syntax Highlighting in the help files.

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