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UltraEdit for Linux latest changes

The list below contains the latest changes for UltraEdit for Linux. This is a consolidated listing of new or enhanced features as well as fixes in the application.

The most recent version is 4.2, released on 2014-03-13. Download it here.

UltraEdit for Linux v4.2.0.11 Changes (2014-08-22)

  • Addressed macro issues with save, playback, shortcuts, and more
  • Addressed issues with Find Next/Previous
  • Addressed issue where browser view doesn't load externally linked CSS
  • Addressed drag and drop text undo issue
  • Addressed issue with "Cancel" button in Find in All Open Files prompt
  • Addressed issue with Find options clearing when returning focus to Find dialog
  • Addressed issue where new file is created when double-clicking item in Function List or Find String List
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

UltraEdit for Linux v4.2.0.2 Changes (2014-03-13)

  • Find/Replace
    • Added support for sorting "Lines containing find string" with column headers
    • Expanded display of search results in output window with Find in Files
    • Addressed issues with remembering last-used search string
    • Addressed issue with Find in Project Files when project includes filter
    • Addressed issue with Replace in All Open Files inserting empty line between replacements
    • Addressed issue with "File names/extensions to ignore" setting with Find in Files
  • File Tabs
    • File tab groups are now restored startup
    • Addressed issue where inactive file tab becomes active on right click
    • Addressed resizing an visibility issues
    • Several file tab display and behavior improvements
  • Key mapping and keyboard navigation
    • Faster file navigation via Up/Down Arrow on keyboard
    • Corrected tab order on Save dialog
    • Addressed issues with key mappings for scripts and macros
    • Addressed Ctrl + Tab issue when using Windows key mappings
    • Addressed issue with Shift + F3 for Find Previous command
    • Addressed several issues related to assigning custom key mappings
  • Localization support / translations
    • Display language is now determined by system language setting instead of region/locale setting
    • Addressed issue converting projects.lst file to Unicode on startup in Spanish version
    • Addressed issues with sorting files with non-English names
  • Column Mode
    • Addressed issue with undoing column mode paste
    • Addressed issue with Sum Column
  • File View
    • Improved usability with File View tabs
    • Addressed "Permission Denied" error when renaming project folder in file view
  • Command line
    • Addressed issues when creating and opening new file via command line
    • Addressed issue with read-only command line switch
  • New file types added in Prefs -> Editor -> File Types now inherit default file type settings
  • Added error prompt when saving unavailable / locked file
  • Addressed issue running scripts via Tools -> Scripts submenu
  • Addressed display issues with toolbars
  • Addressed issue with hex delete in large files
  • Addressed issues when recording and saving new macros
  • Addressed issues with inserting data from ASCII table
  • Addressed issues with display of caret
  • Addressed issues with Toggle Browser View
  • Addressed issue expanding hidden lines after Collapse All
  • Addressed issue with display of special UTF-8 characters from XML Lint in output window
  • Addressed focus issues when switching between windows and panes
  • Addressed issue with saving remote files
  • Addressed issues with caret / cursor positioning
  • Addressed issue where double-clicking compiler error in output window doesn't position to correct line
  • Addressed issues with tab stop settings
  • Addressed issue with undoing column mode paste
  • Addressed issue with Sum Column
  • Addressed issue when cancelling Print All
  • Addressed issues with running user tools
  • Many other improvements and enhancements

UltraEdit for Linux v4.1.0.4 Changes (2013-07-15)

  • Greatly improved file handling performance
    • Instantaneous and smooth scrolling and navigation in larger files
    • Greatly improved speeds with general editing of large files
    • Greatly improved hex mode scrolling and performance
  • Auto-complete improvements for case sensitivity
    • Sort matches by case
    • List exact case matches first
  • File size threshold for temporary files*
  • View entire FTP server tree in remote explorer rather instead of the active directory only
  • Several improvements and fixes for Reindent Selection
  • Addressed flickering issues when scrolling in syntax highlighted files
  • Many other minor tweaks and improvements

* For optimal performance with large files, you may wish to set a threshold of 50,000KB (Preferences » File Handling » Temp Files) and select the "Disable" option. If this is selected, a temporary file will be created for files smaller than the specified threshold and will not be created for files larger than the threshold.

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