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UltraEdit for Mac and Linux latest changes

The list below contains the latest changes for UltraEdit for Mac and Linux. This is a consolidated listing of new or enhanced features as well as fixes in the application.

The most recent version is 15.1, released on 2015-04-28. Download it here.

UltraEdit for Mac and Linux v15.1.0.0 Changes (2015-04-28)

  • Find/Replace improvements
    • Added keyboard shortcuts for Count all and Replace all
    • Addressed issues with Find in column in All Open Files
    • Addressed truncated text issues in search message boxes
    • Addressed issue with pasting formatted data into Find dialog
    • Addressed issue with List Lines Containing String only showing first occurrence in larger file
    • Addressed issue with "Replace With" text disappearing when switching to Replace in Files
    • Addressed minor display issues with Find/Replace dialogs
  • Macros
    • Stability improvements
    • Improved handling of macro hotkeys
    • Addressed issue with "Continue if search string not found" macro setting
    • Addressed issue with replace from macros
    • Addressed issue deleting/undeleting macros
  • File change detection
    • Addressed focus issue after updating changed file
    • Addressed cosmetic issues with File Change Detection prompt dialog
    • Addressed problems with file change detection when temp files are disabled
    • Addressed issue with detecting changed file permissions
  • Bookmarks
    • Addressed issue with bookmarked line content not fully showing in bookmark viewer
    • Addressed issue where bookmark markers don't show when file is re-opened
    • Addressed issue with bookmarked line numbers
  • Added support for full screen mode (Mac)
  • Addressed issues when customizing toolbars
  • Addressed issue with Save As with BOM
  • Addressed minor project issues
  • Addressed focus issues when creating new files
  • Addressed issues with Next/Previous Window
  • Addressed key mapping issues
  • Addressed minor display/UI issues
  • Addressed file tab display and positioning issues
  • Addressed Toggle Browser View issue
  • Addressed issue with numeric sort
  • Addressed visibility issue with I-beam caret against dark backgrounds
  • Addressed issue with double-click in Function List creating new file
  • Addressed typing issues in dialogs on some versions of Ubuntu
  • Improvements for interacting with File View
  • Various other minor improvements and enhancements

UltraEdit for Mac and Linux v15.0.0.11 Changes (2014-12-04)

  • Addressed typing issues on Ubuntu 14.10
  • Addressed issue with AltGr key and Alt keyboard shortcuts
  • Addressed UC Lite issue
  • Addressed auto-complete issue
  • Addressed Perl regex find/replace issues
  • Addressed issue with default File Open directory
  • Addressed external style sheet issue with Toggle Browser View
  • Addressed macro recording and playback issues
  • Addressed printing issues
  • Addressed issues with projects, including deleting/removing folders
  • Addressed issue with file tab rows loading twice on startup
  • Several other fixes and improvements

UltraEdit for Mac and Linux v15.0.0.9 Changes (2014-11-06)

  • Sort improvements
    • Added ability to sort selection instead of entire file
    • Added ability to undo sort
    • Addressed other minor sort issues
  • Find/Replace improvements
    • Improved performance of "Highlight all items found" in larger files
    • Addressed other highlighting issues with "Highlight all items found"
    • Addressed issue with "List lines containing string" positioning with Perl regex
    • Addressed issue where Cmd + A in search dialog invokes Find/Replace
  • Framework improvements
    • Main window no longer minimizes when focus is lost
    • Auto-hidden dockable windows can now collapse to bottom of application
  • Added support for sorting selections
  • Addressed issue with incorrect remote file path in projects
  • Addressed problem with landscape printing
  • Addressed console errors when opening and modifying XML files
  • Addressed key mapping issues with scripts
  • Addressed display issues with auto-complete
  • Addressed issues with modifying color groups in syntax highlighting configuration
  • Other minor fixes and improvements