UltraEdit for Linux latest changes

The list below contains the latest changes for UltraEdit for Linux. This is a consolidated listing of new or enhanced features as well as fixes in the application.

Current UltraEdit Linux release: 21.00 (2022-06-24)
Current UltraEdit Mac release: 21.00 (2021-08-17)

UE Linux changes (2022-06-24)

  • Multi-instance (multiple UltraEdit windows)
    • Activate via File » New Window
    • Instances remember and reload files
  • Git integration
    • Automated detection of Git on first run, with import of existing Git settings
    • Git status icon overlays for repos in Places and Project tabs in File View
  • Git contextual actions (Places / Project tab)
    • Right-click on a repository folder to add new files, commit, push, pull, blame, show log, and more
    • Right-click on a file in a repo to commit it only, diff, revert, blame, and more
    • Diff or merge conflicts directly in UltraCompare
    • Access .gitconfig and .gitignore files from context menu
  • Git Branch Manager
    • Open / access via Git context menu in Places or Project tab
    • See list of branches within repository
    • Update current branch’s status, commit, and push
    • Create, checkout, and delete branches
    • Drag-and-drop to merge or rebase
  • Git Shell
    • Open / access via Git context menu in Places or Project tab
    • Run Git commands and see output directly within UltraEdit
    • Access Git command history
  • Git toolbar
    • Activate via View » Toolbars / windows » Toolbars » Git
    • Add, commit, stash, push, and pull
    • Toggle Git Shell and Git Branch Manager
  • Key mapping support added for various Git actions (commit, push, pull, etc.)
  • New Git configuration options in Edit » Preferences