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UltraCompare Latest Changes

The list below contains the latest changes for UltraCompare Professional. For a more thorough look at what has been added, take the tour of the new features.

UltraCompare Lite users: These changes do not apply to UltraCompare Lite. See the difference between UC Pro and Lite.

UltraCompare v15.0 changes (2014-12-18)

  • Folder mode file filter added to toolbar for quicker access
  • Automatic detection and correction of mixed line terminators
  • Folder mode improvements:
    • Improvements for marking/hiding files in folder compare
    • Improvements for folder compares including PDFs and Word documents
    • Enhancements and improvements for remote/FTP folder compare
    • Added support for "Ignore timestamp differences" in full folder compare mode
    • Improved folder sync between SATA and USB drives
    • Addressed sort issue with orphan files in folder compare
    • Addressed issue where folder root can't be expanded after collapsing
    • Addressed context menu issues
    • Addressed other minor issues
  • Text mode improvements:
    • Performance boost: much faster text compares
    • Improved handling of very large files
    • Improved alignment of text in 3-way text compare
    • Support for line terminator conversion on merge/save
    • Added "On merge convert line endings to destination type" session property
    • "Ignore line terminators" is now a default text compare session property
    • Improvements to saving merged changes
    • Improvements to difference map
    • Addressed issue with saving merge changes to .docx file
    • Other minor text compare improvements
  • Other miscellaneous improvements:
    • Improved virtual memory handling for binary compares
    • Added support for CTRL and SHIFT key mappings with TAB
    • Improvements for "Save Active Session" from Session pane
    • Addressed issue where settings modified in active session are not saved with "Save Active Session"
    • Addressed issue where new session cannot be saved anymore with command "Save Active Session"
    • Addressed issue with fast binary compare invoked via shell integration not showing summary information in status bar
    • Other minor improvements and issues addressed

UltraCompare v14.00 changes (2014-06-06)

  • Full theme support
    • Like UltraEdit, modify and manage your themes under View -> Manage Themes
    • Change colors and look and feel of entire application - from top to bottom!
    • Use one a pre-defined theme or create your own
    • Import, export, and share themes
  • New interactive dockable legend & filters dialog
    • Interactive folder mode legend provides clear explanation of compare icons
    • Interactive text/binary mode legend provides clear explanation of colors and symbols
    • Easily hide equal, different, unique, common items
  • Folder Synchronization can now be invoked from within any folder compare
  • New "Next Bookmark" and "Previous Bookmark" commands for text mode
  • New dockable File Preview pane automatically shows file contents on click
  • Fast binary compares now support drag/drop of zipped archives
  • Hex offset displayed for binary files supports much larger value
  • New and improved default toolbar layouts
  • Numerous other minor enhancements and improvements