UltraCompare latest changes

The list below contains the latest changes for UltraCompare Professional. For a more thorough look at what has been added, take the tour of the new features.

The most up-to-date version is 18.10, released on 2018-10-18.

UltraCompare v18.10 changes (2018-10-18)

  • User interface enhancements
    • "Drop here" targets for all modes
    • Increase / decrease font size for all modes
    • Welcome page advertises all types of compares
  • Set font for folder mode
  • Automatic compare after both compare frames loaded (optional)
  • Updated browser view component for improved HTML / CSS rendering
  • Improvements and fixes for:
    • Comparing FTP files from UE / UES
    • Save result (text format)
    • Ignore whitespace
    • Navigating differences
    • Scrolling / scroll bar display
    • 3-way text compare
    • Inline editing
    • Active line window
    • Text compare via web URL
    • Large / long text file compare
    • Folder mode display with filters active
  • Other minor improvements and fixes

UltraCompare v18.00 changes (2018-03-12)

  • Full syntax highlighting support for source files
    • Theme-based comment, string, and keyword coloring
    • Automatically detects and uses existing UltraEdit / UEStudio wordfiles
    • Install additional wordfiles from website (or create your own)
    • Manually set or disable highlighting type per-frame
    • Configure settings under Settings » Display » Text » Syntax highlighting
    • See syntax highlighting in active line window
  • Highlight differences per-word
    • New "Highlight" group in Edit tab with options
    • New session property to set highlighting method
    • New global setting under Settings » Compare » Text
  • Increased session limit to 50
  • Algorithmic improvements for text compare matching / diffing