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UltraFinder Latest Changes

The list below contains the latest new and enhanced features for UltraFinder. For a more thorough look at what has been added, take the tour of the new version.

The most up-to-date version is 15.00, released on 2014-10-17.

UltraFinder v13.10 Changes (2013-03-07)

  • New Find Duplicates output window and results format
    • Duplicate groups shown in a single listing
    • Zebra striping for better display of duplicate groups
    • Ability to sort duplicates by clicking column headings
    • Checkboxes for marking duplicates for resolution
    • Context menu options for marking and deleting duplicates
    • Confirmation for deleting multiple duplicates
    • Ability to specify duplicate deletion method (Recycle Bin, file delete, or UltraSentry shred)
  • Previewer for Find Duplicates
    • Preview duplicates directly in output window as you scroll through results
    • Preview text, PDF, and images
    • Preview Office documents (requires MS Office)
  • New filters for Find Files
    • Find files within specified date range (created or modified)
    • File files within specified size range
    • Find files with specified attributes
  • File Preview toggle in toolbar
  • Several other minor improvements and fixes

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