UltraFinder latest changes

The list below contains the latest new and enhanced features for UltraFinder. For a more thorough look at what has been added, take the tour of the new version.

The most up-to-date version is 2023.0, released on 2024-01-16.

    UltraFinder 2023.0 changes (01-16-2024)

    Features and enhancements

    • Support for cloud storage services:
      •  Google Drive
      •  Microsoft OneDrive
      • Amazon S3
      • Dropbox
    • Search all your cloud storage files and folders from multiple accounts in one place

    UltraFinder v2022.0 (Release) notes (2022-11-22)

    • File system indexing service to provide instant search results
      • Full file and folder indexing of NTFS file systems
      • Persistent database to accelerate searches and reduce indexing
      • Instant or nearly instant search results
    • Performance improvements
      • Up to 20% faster standard searches
      • Improved application startup times
      • Improved real time results display
    • Other notable quality improvements
      • Added option to enable/disable searching inside archives
      • Added min/max size check and warning for File filters
      • Drag/drop support for folder names in “Find where” field
      • Improved standard search accuracy for Unicode file names
      • Improved regular expression accuracy for Unicode file names