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UltraSentry technician license - for use with multiple PCs

UltraSentry technician licenseWith the addition of many professional strength features added to UltraSentry, users have asked us to provide a license designed to accommodate technicians servicing floor machines and server farms. To this end, we offer a technician license for our technician users. The technician license may be purchased from our online store and is a great option for corporate clients looking to securely dispose of decommissioned electronic data.

Technician license FAQ

What is the purpose of the technician license?

IDM's technician license is for permanent file deletion operations meant to securely delete all data prior to the decommission of a computer or reconstitution of a computer. It is not meant for installation on multiple computers by multiple users for on-going daily use. The core purpose of the Technician License is for hard drive sanitization.

Why use a technician license?

The technician license provides the technician with the right to use UltraSentry on an unlimited number of computers. This license is registered to you, the user/technician, so only you would be licensed to use the registered software.

The benefit of the technician license versus a standard license is that it is not limited to use on a single system. The technician license allows each unique technician to use the license with an unlimited number of computers.

How can the technician license be used?

  • Decommission computer(s) - completely and securely scrub and remove personal data from computers for reuse within a company
  • Reconstitue computer(s) - clean corrupted hard drive data to reinstate sanitized computers
  • Hard drive sanitation for an unlimited number of computers

How many computers can I use the technician license with?

The technician license may be used by a single technician on an unlimited number of computers.

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