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UltraCompare Power Tips

This is the index page for UltraCompare power tips.

  • Compare text snippetsA tutorial showing you how to compare text snippets without having to save your snippets into a file. Diff your snippets, merge your changes, save the result as a separate file, then clear out the snippets (and their temp files...)
  • Increase your virtual memoryLarge file comparisons may require your system to use virtual memory. This tutorial shows you how to configure Windows to increase the amount of virtual memory on your system.
  • Compare large filesUltraCompare is a very robust file comparison tool which includes support for comparing large files even several GB large. This power tip shows you how to optimize UltraCompare for maximum performance when working with large files.
  • Compare .zip, .rar., and .jar ArchivesGot Archives? UltraCompare's archive compare feature allows you to compare the contents of .zip files, .rar files, Java .jar files, and even password-protected .zip files. Use the archive compare and examine differences between archives or folders on th
  • Version Control ComparisonUltraCompare v6.40 includes major improvements to the command line support that allow greater flexibility when integrating with other applications. If you're using version control in a team development environment, then UltraCompare v6.40 is exactly...
  • Visually inspect HTML codeHow to use UltraCompare Professional's integrated browser view to visually compare and inspect HTML code
  • Compare directories using FTP/SFTPConfigure FTP/SFTP accounts in UltraCompare Professional to backup or sync FTP directories and compare local and remote folders.
  • Block and line mode mergeMerge differences and save them between 2 or 3 files at the click of a button
  • Sync files and folders with Folder SynchronizationFolder Synchronization is a powerful feature in UltraCompare which allows you to sync files between local, remote, network, and even FTP folders.
  • Recursive compareUse recursive compare to evaluate subdirectories' content for differences
  • Find and eliminate duplicate filesUnnecessary and unwanted duplicate files can eat up valuable system disk space. This power tip will show you how to quickly and safely eliminate unwanted duplicate files from your system with the powerful Find Duplicates feature in UltraCompare
  • Compare Word documentsCompare multiple Microsoft Word documents - Identify and merge differences between Word documents.
  • Command line tipsTips for running UltraCompare from a DOS command prompt
  • Command line quick difference checkRun a quick difference check between two files to quickly see if they're the same or different
  • Ignore optionsSetting ignore options for file/folder comparisons in UltraCompare
  • Ignore/compare column rangeSet parameters to ignore or compare up to 4 unique columns of data.
  • Filtering files in folder modeFiltering files in UltraCompare while in folder mode
  • Customizing the time/date format for folder comparisonMany UltraCompare users in different regions of the world have different standard formats for dates and timestamps. UltraCompare provides the ability to customize the date and timestamp for your folder comparisons
  • Editing files in UltraCompareHow to use the integrated text editing capabilites within UltraCompare
  • UltraCompare shell integrationTips for integrating UltraCompare into the right-click context menu in Windows Explorer
  • Export/save text compare outputHow to export and save diff output from UltraCompare
  • Web CompareIf you work with web files, you are probably accustomed to downloading the file via FTP or viewing the source, saving the text, then doing a compare. We're sure you'll agree, this process is clunky and mechanical....
  • Manually Sync Your CompareManually sync your compare lines
  • UltraCompare SessionsIf you're anything like us, you always have multiple applications running at once. Spawning multiple instances of any application makes it harder to work. So... UC gives you sessions to manage your compare operations!
  • Reload previously active sessionsWhen you're doing complex file and folder compare operations, it doesn't take long to open quite a few tabs. What happens when you close UC to move on to another task or to go home for the day- lose the session? Not with Reload active sessions...
  • Session ManagerIf you've compared the same set of files/folders more than once... You need sessions. Sessions allow you to save compare options for a common set of files or folders which you can quickly recall anytime you open UltraCompare. Not only can you save...
  • Workspace ManagerThe Workspace Manager is all about convenience, so the Explorer view allows you to drag/drop files and folders for quick and easy compare operations. Simply select the folder (or file) in the Explorer view and drag it to the compare frame.
  • Bookmark Favorite Files/Folders in UltraCompareHow to use Favorite in UltraCompare to bookmark your commonly used files/folders.
  • FTP in Workspace ManagerYou can access your accounts through the Explorer tab of the Workspace Manager in UltraCompare
  • Share FTP Accounts with UltraEdit/UEStudioSet up UltraEdit/UEStudio to share FTP accounts with UltraCompare
  • FTP Folder Compare with CRCHave you wanted to do a quick folder compare - between a local directory and remote directory - without downloading the files first? No problem... As of v7.20, UltraCompare now supports an FTP CRC compare method. With the CRC compare feature...
  • Mark and hide files and folders in folder compareHave you ever wanted to hide files/folders that aren't relevant for your immediate compare needs? We have... While UltraCompare offers many compare filters and ignore options, sometimes you just need more control...