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UltraCompare Sessions

If you're anything like us, you always have multiple applications running at once. Spawning multiple instances of any application makes it harder to work. So... UC gives you sessions to manage your compare operations!

Sessions allow you to work with multiple compare sets - regardless of mode - all within one application. The tabbed interface allows you to easily toggle between multiple sessions for easier and more intuitive compare operations.

Step 1: Creating New Sessions

You can create a new session using the Session menu or by using the keyboard shortcuts.

To create a new session using the menu, click on Session : New Session, and select the desired compare mode.

Compare Sessions

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts to create sessions.

Mode Shortcut
Text Mode Ctrl+Shift+T
3-Way Text Mode Ctrl+Shift+3
Binary (fast) Mode Ctrl+Shift+B
Binary (smart) Mode Ctrl+Shift+Q
Folder Mode Ctrl+Shift+K
3-Way Folder Mode Alt+Ctrl+Shift+K

As you will notice, each Session is displayed with it's own tab at the bottom of the interface.

Compare Sessions

Step 2: Rename Session

If you are working with multiple sessions, you may quickly lose track of which tab (session) is which. For this reason, you can also rename the tab (session) by right-clicking on the tab and selecting Rename.

Compare Sessions

Step 3: Close Session

You can close sessions using the Session menu, by the keyboard shortcuts, or via the right-click context menu on the session tab.

To close a session using the Session menu, click on Session and the respective option:

You will see the following choices:

  • Close Active Session - Closes a single tab (session)
  • Close All Sessions - Closes all tabs (sessions)
  • Close All Sessions Except This - Closes all tabs (sessions) except for the active session.

Compare Sessions

You will see the same options in the right-click context menu:

Compare Sessions