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UltraEdit hotfix information

Should you ever experience an issue with an IDM product, please report it to It is also helpful to know what version you are using and what operating system you use. (example: v15.00.0.1033, XP-SP2). We have a dedicated, in-house support group ready to assist you.

Please see our Change list for the details of what has changed in the latest hotfix.

UltraEdit (released 2015-05-11)

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Issues Fixed in (released 2015-05-11)
  • Addressed issues with IDM EasyUpdate (Check for Updates)
  • Addressed stability issues with Find in Files
  • Addressed issues with "Highlight All Items" and Document Map
  • Ctrl + Backspace / Ctrl + Delete now recorded during macro quick record
  • Addressed a couple of issues with hex edit
  • Addressed display issues with Asian characters (Korean, Chinese, etc.) in menus, file tabs, child windows, etc.
  • Addressed issue with bookmark shifting position after paste or undo
  • Addressed "Line Comment Num" setting in wordfile not working
  • Addressed issue with "Save" button in FTP Save dialog when no password set
  • Addressed other minor FTP issues
  • Improved performance for Document Map in larger files
  • Miscellaneous other improvements and issues addressed
Issues Fixed in (released 2015-04-09)
  • Addressed issues with IDM EasyUpdate (Check for Updates)
Issues Fixed in (released 2015-04-06)
  • Addressed issue with auto-completion
  • Addressed issue with maximum number of backups with counter variable in backup format
  • Added tooltips for strings in Find/Replace history too long to be displayed in list
  • Added a close option to the right click context menu for the document map.
Issues Fixed in (released 2015-04-02)
  • Addressed issue with files showing as modified when selecting in column mode
  • Addressed dockable windows sizing issue on restart
  • Addressed issue with Replace in Files reverting to last search when replacing lower case string with upper case string
  • Addressed issues with multi-caret editing and split window
  • Addressed minor Document Map issues
Issues Fixed in (released 2015-03-27)
  • Addressed issues with multi-select visibility and multi-caret positioning in Document Map
  • Addressed issue with column mode selections in Document Map
  • Addressed bookmark position issues with replace and undo
  • Addressed issue with increasing dockable window width after restart
  • Addressed caret positioning issues with split windows
  • Addressed other minor issues