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  • UltraEdit hotfix information

UltraEdit hotfix information

You can download the current hotfix by going to Help » Check for Updates, or manually at the UltraEdit download page.

Fixed in UE (released 2017-09-08)
  • Addressed function list issues
  • Addressed column mode issues
  • Addressed bookmark and line number issues
  • Addressed issues with double-clicking Find in Files results due to custom output format
  • Addressed issue with unprintable characters not being displayed as spaces
  • Addressed issue with join lines in unsaved file
  • Addressed issue with double-clicking top border of application title bar to vertically maximize window
  • Addressed issue with "UseEncoding 65001" not stored properly in macros
  • Addressed issue with string highlighting after delete of space in wrapped line
  • Addressed a couple of isolated crashes
  • Various other minor issues addressed