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UltraEdit hotfix information

Should you ever experience an issue with an IDM product, please report it to support@ultraedit.com. It is also helpful to know what version you are using and what operating system you use. (example: v15.00.0.1033, XP-SP2). We have a dedicated, in-house support group ready to assist you.

Please see our Change list for the details of what has changed in the latest hotfix.

UltraEdit (released 2014-05-21)
English Download
UltraEdit hotfix - English
33.4 MB | (version and date above)
German Download
UltraEdit hotfix - German
27.7 MB | (version and date above)
French Download
UltraEdit hotfix - French
37.5 MB | (version and date above)
Italian Download
UltraEdit hotfix - Italian
31.9 MB | (version and date above)
Korean Download
UltraEdit hotfix - Korean
31.8 MB | (version and date above)
Chinese Download
UltraEdit hotfix - Chinese
31.87 MB | (version and date above)
Spanish Download
UltraEdit hotfix - Spanish
34.9 MB | (version and date above)
Japanese Download
UltraEdit hotfix - Japanese
32 MB | (version and date above)


Issue Fixed in (released 2014-05-21)
  • Greatly improved performance of Hide/Show Lines filtering with Find
  • Find in Project Files now respects project folder filters
  • Addressed issue with only 10 tools/project tools displayed in the Advanced menu
  • Addressed issue with Find string highlighting shifting while editing in column mode
  • Addressed issue with dragging and dropping text in files with Unix line endings
  • Addressed issue with bookmark navigation in files with long lines
  • Addressed XML Lint issue when "Use HTML parser" is selected
  • Addressed memory issue with undo buffer under certain conditions
  • Addressed a reported editing issue on XP
  • Addressed issues when setting active file's encoding via status bar
  • Addressed issue with new dockable Find/Replace dialog not accepting input
  • Addressed minor issues with new docked Find/Replace functionality
  • Addressed several other minor issues
Issue Fixed in (released 2014-05-13)
  • Addressed issue inserting "}" via AltGr on international keyboards
  • Addressed issue with Quick Find highlighting when adding/removing text
  • Addressed issues with new dockable Find/Replace
  • Restored ability to open files via URL
Issue Fixed in (released 2014-04-29)
  • Addressed a crash related to dockable windows and menus
  • Addressed issue with encoding selection via status bar selector
  • Addressed issue with "Find dialog defaults to word under cursor"
  • Addressed issue with Perl regexp replace in column
Issue Fixed in (released 2014-04-18)
  • F3 now works with last used Quick Find search string
  • Addressed issue with user tools added to context menu
  • Addressed issues with layouts

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