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UltraEdit hotfix information

Should you ever experience an issue with an IDM product, please report it to support@ultraedit.com. It is also helpful to know what version you are using and what operating system you use. (example: v15.00.0.1033, XP-SP2). We have a dedicated, in-house support group ready to assist you.

Please see our Change list for the details of what has changed in the latest hotfix.

UltraEdit (released 2014-09-26)

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Issue Fixed in (released 2014-08-22)
  • Exponentially improved performance of Find in Files results output
  • Greatly improved FTP performance
  • Addressed issue cancelling FTP transfer of very large files
  • Addressed issue deleting remote folder via FTP when it is not empty
  • Addressed issue with Open File Under Cursor feature
  • Addressed issue with Find in Files launched from explorer pane in File View
  • Several other minor improvements and enhancements
Issue Fixed in (released 2014-08-07)
  • Addressed List Lines Containing String issue with Perl regex search string
  • Addressed issue with Perl regex not finding/replacing all occurrences
  • Addressed issue with F3 following Ctrl + Home
  • Addressed issue with font option in ASCII table
  • Addressed issue with using hotkeys to access scripts in Scripting menu
  • Addressed issue with application always opening maximized in some specific cases
  • Addressed issue with Find in All Open Files settings not being remembered
  • Addressed issues when selecting very large amounts of data with Shift + scroll
  • Addressed issues with file contents not refreshing in both panes when editing in split windows
  • Addressed issues with workspace when reloading a project
  • Addressed issues related to setting Find to "Selected text"
  • Added case sensitivity for line / block comment settings in wordfiles
  • Menu option to cancel Find/Replace in Files now indicates whether cancelling Find or Replace
  • Other minor improvements and enhancements