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UltraEdit hotfix information

Should you ever experience an issue with an IDM product, please report it to support@ultraedit.com. It is also helpful to know what version you are using and what operating system you use. (example: v15.00.0.1033, Win7 64-bit). We have a dedicated, in-house support group ready to assist you.

You can download the current hotfix by going to Help -> Check for Updates, or manually at the UltraEdit download page.

Issues Fixed in (released 2016-03-30)
  • Restored ability to drag-and-drop file tab for split view of files
  • Made Quick Search Bar available for ribbon customization
  • Added icons for most remaining commands missing them
  • Addressed issue with Find in Files writing results at cursor position rather than end of file
  • Addressed file tab display issue with single line / scrollable tabs
  • Addressed issue with duplicate items in Find in Files path history
  • Addressed issue with selection shifting after Comment Add/Remove
  • Addressed Recently Opened / Closed lists theme issues
  • Addressed issue with F3 (Find next) not working as expected with text selected
  • Addressed issue with caret disappearing when cutting multiple selections
  • Several other minor fixes and improvements
Issues Fixed in (released 2016-03-21)
  • Added ability to select next occurrence of selected string (Ctrl + ;)
  • Added quick search bar for toolbars (right-click, customize toolbar to add)
  • Restored "*" to modified file tabs (when status icons are disabled)
  • Made "View as" drop down available for toolbar customization
  • Addressed window resizing and maximization issues (mostly on Win 7)
  • Addressed issues related to custom toolbars
  • Addressed issue with status bar text / File View tab text fonts
  • Addressed issue with erroneous update notification
  • Addressed issue with multi-caret causing shifting HTML tag highlighting
  • Addressed issue with scripts not showing in in toolbar/menu mode
  • Several other minor fixes and improvements