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  • UltraEdit hotfix information

UltraEdit hotfix information

You can download the current hotfix by going to Help » Check for Updates, or manually at the UltraEdit download page.

Fixed in UE (released 2017-07-31)
  • Addressed incorrect changes to file following Replace All in larger file
  • Addressed issue with partial display of larger file after Perl regexp search
  • Addressed crash with Tabs to Spaces on selection
  • Addressed issue with incorrect matches following non-regexp search with Perl regexp enabled
  • Addressed issues with bookmarks
Fixed in UE (released 2017-07-20)
  • Improved performance with Convert to Fixed Column especially with large files
  • Selection maintained after Reindent Selection
  • Improved Reindent Selection issues with larger files
  • Fixed selection issue with very large blocks of text
  • Fixed "Undo chain" buffer message shown when running sub-macros
  • Fixed issues related to "Undo chain" buffer
  • Fixed issue with "^s" in Replace With string
  • Fixed "Explore" command in Project pane of File View
  • Fixed issue with delete not working as expected after selecting via Shift and scroll bar
  • Fixed issue with deleting many rows of text in UTF-8 files
  • Fixed sizing issues with docked child windows making them extremely thin and difficult to see
  • Fixed issue with incorrect timestamps in FTP browser
  • Fixed issue with editing in multi-byte code pages (Asian languages)
  • Fixed issues with ribbon customizations not being retained in some cases
  • Fixed issue with file change detection prompt erroneously showing for FTP files
  • Fixed issues with automatic encoding detection including false positive ASCII-escaped Unicode detection
  • Fixed issue with XML Manager not parsing when expanded from docked/hidden state
  • Fixed issue with "Set focus to edit window after any Find operation" setting not remaining disabled
  • Fixed command line "/O1" flag to force OEM character set
  • Fixed issue with opening files with extended or Unicode chars in file name with "/f" flag
  • Fixed display issue with Edit dialog for File View filters
  • Fixed miscellaneous code folding issues
  • Fixed issue with bookmarks not saving in syntax highlighted files
  • Fixed crash when inserting custom smart template
  • Fixed issue with "If" template for ASP files
  • Fixed hang when opening 20+ files with Quick Open
  • Fixed issue with caret moving after save with "Trim trailing spaces on save" enabled
  • Fixed layout issues in English and German config dialogs
  • Fixed menu painting issue on Windows 7 with Classic theme enabled
  • Fixed issue with wrong file being activated when clicking on edge of file tab
  • Several other minor fixes
Fixed in UE (released 2017-05-31)
  • Addressed issue with "File is corrupted" message on startup