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UltraEdit hotfix information

You can download the current hotfix by going to Help -> Check for Updates, or manually at the UltraEdit download page.

Please note: The most recent version of UltraEdit is not compatible with Windows XP. ×
Fixed in UE (released 2016-11-10)
  • Addressed crash on last file tab close with multi-line tabs enabled
Fixed in UE (released 2016-11-09)
  • Addressed crash on shutdown and other isolated scenarios
Fixed in UE (released 2016-09-30)
  • Addressed crash when closing last file tab
Fixed in UE (released 2016-09-29)
  • Addressed crash related to right-click open of path/URL in text
Fixed in UE (released 2016-07-26)
  • Addressed crash related to Find Symbol (F11) and projects
  • Addressed issue with scroll bars occasionally not showing when reloading files
  • Addressed issue with scripted write not working with multi-caret
  • Addressed scripted Perl regexp replace issues
  • Addressed a couple other script issues
  • Addressed issue with printing single/range of pages