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UltraEdit hotfix information

You can download the current hotfix by going to Help -> Check for Updates, or manually at the UltraEdit download page.

Please note: The most recent version of UltraEdit is not compatible with Windows XP. ×
Fixed in UE (released 2017-04-25)
  • Addressed syntax highlighting issues
  • Addressed code folding issues
  • Addressed issue with "Show spaces / tabs"
  • Addressed issue closing multiple windows from Windows dialog
Fixed in UE (released 2017-04-18)
  • Highlighting for embedded PHP / Ruby / ASP code in HTML comments and strings
  • Count All now respects "In" and "Search in column" setting
  • Addressed issue with user script not running in build .72
  • Addressed issue with temp files not being deleted for files with special characters in name
  • Addressed issue with Perl regexp in selected text while in column mode
  • Addressed issue with long file path with "Compare in UltraCompare" in File Change Detection dialog
  • Addressed issue with Text2HTML and smart quotes
  • Addressed issue with Reformat Paragraph adding extra text/spaces
  • Addressed issue with Find in Files for new line character
  • Addressed issue with string auto-completion not working after typing open brace
  • Addressed issue with project filters not being retained after updating to v24
  • Addressed issue with binary file reopened / reloaded in text mode
  • Addressed issue searching for Ctag symbol with word selected
  • Addressed issues with display of comments
  • Addressed issues with legacy composite wordfile
  • Addressed issue with LCI remaining after undoing Perl regexp replace
  • Addressed issue playing scripts with umlauts or other special characters
  • Addressed issue with scripted UltraEdit regexp search
  • Addressed issue with incorrectly named INI file when specifying custom INI location
  • Addressed copy/paste issues
  • Addressed code page prompt with value of "0"
  • Addressed configuration dialog issues in French and Simplified Chinese versions
  • Addressed issue with with Find String List not jumping to correct position with line numbers enabled
Fixed in UE (released 2017-03-15)
  • Addressed issue with "Upload to / download from server" missing for individual files
  • Addressed issue with "Replace all" when replacing in all open files
  • Addressed issue with "^" and "$" when used with Perl regexp
  • Addressed issues with "Match whole word" in UTF-8 files
  • Addressed crash with "Remove Comment"
  • Addressed issue with block comments not highlighting correctly
  • Addressed issue with goto page break
  • Addressed crash when scrolling through file in isolated cases
  • Addressed issue with revert to saved causing shift in view of file
  • Addressed issue with find next / previous not using QAT search box text unless hitting Enter first
  • Addressed several encoding issues
  • Removed Quick Find prompt to search from other end of file if "Continue find at end of file" disabled
  • Updated sort options and word count icons
  • Several other minor issues addressed
Fixed in UE (released 2017-02-28)
  • Addressed issue with Check for Updates advertising update when none exists
  • Addressed issue with auto-correct keywords and auto-complete dialog
  • Addressed issues with alternate block comment causing file to be shown as comment
  • Addressed issue with find string list jumping to wrong location in UTF-8 files
  • Addressed find in files line number issue with very large files
  • Addressed issue with file change detection not always firing
  • Addressed issues with wrap to line ends
  • Addressed issue with renaming files in file view
  • Addressed template issues
  • Addressed macro issues
  • Addressed ANSI code page issues
  • Addressed issue with incorrect text in bookmark viewer
  • Added option to disable automatic code page detection for ANSI files
Fixed in UE (released 2017-02-22)
  • Addressed template issues with variables and caret position
  • Addressed issue with font substitution for Unicode characters missing from active font
  • Addressed undo issues with column mode
  • Addressed issue where replace history is cleared when replacing with empty string
  • Addressed issue with single quotes being removed from search favorites
  • Addressed issue with Find String List clearing when closing file
  • Addressed issue with Page Up in hex mode
  • Addressed issue with block comment highlighting
  • Addressed issue with search bar history only containing every other item
  • Addressed change in behavior of Ctrl + Down Arrow
  • Addressed issue with Ctrl + 1 (gotoEndOfPrevWord)
  • Addressed issues with Text2HTML and URI Encode/Decode in UTF-8 files
  • Addressed issue where "Copy to clipboard" in find string list converts tabs to spaces
  • Addressed various syntax highlighting issues
  • Addressed various Perl regex issues
  • Addressed various LCI issues
  • Addressed issues with clipboard variables (^c) in macros
  • Added support for font substitution in function list
Fixed in UE (released 2017-02-16)
  • Addressed crash when using (legacy) composite wordfile
  • Addressed issue with user clipboards not working in Find/Replace dialogs
  • Addressed issue with tool output not matching active file encoding
  • Addressed caret position issues with proportional fonts like Lucida Sans
  • Addressed display issues "Open" tab in file view
  • Addressed issue with "Find ASCII" in hex mode
  • Addressed issue undo in ANSI file
  • Addressed issue with "View as" (View menu) not changing languages properly