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UEStudio Downloads

You can download and try UEStudio before you buy it! This download is the fully-functional version of the application and includes all features. UEStudio is available in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish.

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UEStudio Downloads
UEStudio v14.30 - English
43.44 MB | released 2014-07-31
UEStudio v14.30 - German
33.96 MB | released 2014-07-31
UEStudio v14.30 - French
47.57 MB | released 2014-07-31
UEStudio v14.30 - Italian
41.98 MB | released 2014-07-31
UEStudio v14.30 - Korean
41.87 MB | released 2014-07-31
UEStudio v14.30 - Simplified Chinese
41.89 MB | released 2014-07-31
UEStudio v14.30 - Spanish
45 MB | released 2014-07-31
UEStudio v14.30 - Japanese
42.12 MB | released 2014-07-31

UEStudio Download (MSI)

The MSI installation package is provided for our corporate customers or others who specifically prefer an MSI over an EXE install. For all typical/personal installations, we recommend the EXE installation package.

Please use the form below to request the MSI installation package. An email will be sent to you immediately with your download links.

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Free Trial Period

Upon installation, you will be provided a 30 day trial period. After this period expires, you must purchase a license to continue using the application.

This download is for version 14.30

All licensing includes one year of complimentary upgrades. If you currently own a license and are unsure of your upgrade eligibility, please use our free upgrade form to verify your status. Complimentary upgrades are not driven by version number or point release, but rather the 12 month period following the date of paid registration.

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