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UltraEdit for Mac/Linux v4.2

UltraEdit for Mac and Linux v4.2 is now available and delivers a substantial increase in performance and quality! We've taken several months to fine tune and improve the areas of UltraEdit that you use most. For a full list of improvements and enhancements, keep reading below.

New in v4.2:

  • Find/Replace
    • Added support for sorting "Lines containing find string" with column headers
    • Expanded display of search results in output window with Find in Files
    • Addressed issues with remembering last-used search string
    • Addressed issue with Find in Project Files when project includes filter
    • Addressed issue with Replace in All Open Files inserting empty line between replacements
    • Addressed issue with "File names/extensions to ignore" setting with Find in Files
  • File Tabs
    • File tab groups are now restored startup
    • Addressed issue where inactive file tab becomes active on right click
    • Addressed resizing an visibility issues
    • Several file tab display and behavior improvements
  • Key mapping and keyboard navigation
    • Faster file navigation via Up/Down Arrow on keyboard
    • Corrected tab order on Save dialog
    • Addressed issues with key mappings for scripts and macros
    • Addressed Ctrl + Tab issue when using Windows key mappings
    • Addressed issue with Shift + F3 for Find Previous command
    • Addressed several issues related to assigning custom key mappings
  • Localization support / translations
    • Display language is now determined by system language setting instead of region/locale setting
    • Addressed issue converting projects.lst file to Unicode on startup in Spanish version
    • Addressed issues with sorting files with non-English names
  • Column Mode
    • Addressed issue with undoing column mode paste
    • Addressed issue with Sum Column
  • File View
    • Improved usability with File View tabs
    • Addressed "Permission Denied" error when renaming project folder in file view
  • Command line
    • Addressed issues when creating and opening new file via command line
    • Addressed issue with read-only command line switch
  • New file types added in Prefs -> Editor -> File Types now inherit default file type settings
  • Added error prompt when saving unavailable / locked file
  • Addressed issue running scripts via Tools -> Scripts submenu
  • Addressed display issues with toolbars
  • Addressed issue with hex delete in large files
  • Addressed issues when recording and saving new macros
  • Addressed issues with inserting data from ASCII table
  • Addressed issues with display of caret
  • Addressed issues with Toggle Browser View
  • Addressed issue expanding hidden lines after Collapse All
  • Addressed issue with display of special UTF-8 characters from XML Lint in output window
  • Addressed focus issues when switching between windows and panes
  • Addressed issue with saving remote files
  • Addressed issues with caret / cursor positioning
  • Addressed issue where double-clicking compiler error in output window doesn't position to correct line
  • Addressed issues with tab stop settings
  • Addressed issue with undoing column mode paste
  • Addressed issue with Sum Column
  • Addressed issue when cancelling Print All
  • Addressed issues with running user tools
  • Many other improvements and enhancements

UE Mac box

UltraEdit for Mac/Linux v4.1

For users who crave performance, UltraEdit for Mac/Linux v4.1 delivers in a dramatic way: large file loading, editing, and navigation has been vastly improved! For example, loading and jumping to the end of a 500 MB file in v4.0 took over a minute; in v4.1 this now takes only 11 seconds, which represents a nearly 90% improvement in processing time! Read on below for more details...

UE Mac v4.1: Turbocharged large file handling and greatly improved performance!

Above are the testing results from our QA department for large file performance in UE Mac v4.1 compared to the last release build. (Please keep in mind that results will vary from system to system due to hardware, resources, and many other variables.) The data speaks for itself: large file performance in UE Mac/Linux has taken a quantum leap forward! Even better...these changes also greatly improve performance with much smaller files as well!

What's new in v4.1?

  • Greatly improved file handling performance
    • Instantaneous and smooth scrolling and navigation in larger files
    • Greatly improved speeds with general editing of large files
    • Greatly improved hex mode scrolling and performance
  • Auto-complete improvements for case sensitivity
    • Sort matches by case
    • List exact case matches first
  • File size threshold for temporary files*
  • View entire FTP server tree in remote explorer rather instead of the active directory only
  • Several improvements and fixes for Reindent Selection
  • Addressed flickering issues when scrolling in syntax highlighted files
  • Many other minor tweaks and improvements

* For optimal performance with large files, you may wish to set a threshold of 50,000KB (Preferences » File Handling » Temp Files) and select the "Disable" option. If this is selected, a temporary file will be created for files smaller than the specified threshold and will not be created for files larger than the threshold.

UltraEdit for Mac/Linux v4.0

UltraEdit for Mac/Linux v4.0 is now available! The goal of this release - and the sum of the v4 series - is to supply depth and polish to existing functionality while providing the new features you want to see. Version 4.0 exemplifies by rounding out print functionality including advanced page setup options, custom headers and footers, printing of word wrap, and more importantly, printing of syntax highlighting colors! Other additions include the quick open dialog, project wordfiles, reindent selection for source reformatting, and conversion for single-line XML feeds to a properly formatted document.

New: Rounded out print functionality

Printing support in v4.0 has been expanded tremendously! You can now tweak your page layout and setup to your liking with settings for header and footer, page margins, print fonts, and more. Also, our updates to printing include full support for printing syntax highlighting, word wrap, line numbers, and more.

Screenshot of print dialog in UE Mac/Linux v4.0

The full list of changes to printing in this release are as follows:

  • Full page setup options
    • Customizable header/footer
    • Fully adjustable margins
    • Print word wrap
    • Print line numbers
    • Print syntax highlighting
  • Improved printer selection and configuration
  • Set printer font
  • Mirror display font (will print with same font settings for editor)

New: Reindent selection

If you've ever collaborated with others on a project or worked on someone else's code, you know how frustrating it can be dealing with others' tab/indent styles and quirky code formatting. The reindent selection feature alleviates the headache of manually reformatting code by automatically reindenting the selected data based on your tab and indent settings.

Screenshot of reindent selection in UE Mac/Linux v4.0

New: XML convert to line terminators

Ever opened an XML-based file only to find that all the data runs together on one line, making it impossible to read or navigate? The new XML convert to line terminators feature will automatically add hard returns to the XML data and reindent/reformat the XML using your tab and indent settings.

Screenshot of XML convert to line terminators in UE Mac/Linux v4.0

New: Quick open dialog

Open your files faster! The quick open dialog allows you to quickly specify a file open relative to the active file's path, or open all files within a specified directory based upon a partial file name match.

Screenshot of quick open dialog in UE Mac/Linux v4.0

New: Project-specific wordfiles

Set a path to a specific wordfile or wordfiles directory in your project settings to provide special syntax highlighting for different projects. You can supply a path to a single wordfile or to a directory of wordfiles. The project wordfiles are then loaded and used, along with your project, replacing the default wordfiles.

Screenshot of quick open dialog in UE Mac/Linux v4.0

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