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UEStudio integrated development environment tour: code style

The UEStudio tour is intended to guide you through some of the advanced IDE features of the application. UEStudio includes all of the features of UltraEdit, the world's best text editor, which are not covered here.

UEStudio tour: code style

Determining standards with regards to coding/formatting practices can be an important step to enabling multiple programmers to easily share information with each other and collaborate on ongoing projects. UEStudio supports two different methods for defining styles. The artistic style formatter may be invoked by pressing the artistic style button in the tools toolbar:

Artistic style button in UEStudio

This will present the artistic style formatter dialog that may be used to configure settings that will be used to automatically reindent & reformat C/C++/Java source files.

Artistic style dialog box

Pressing the reformat button applies the selected options/settings to the active file.

UEStudio also includes a cascading style sheets (CSS) style builder which may be invoked by pressing the style builder button in the tools toolbar:

CSS style builder toolbar button

The style builder dialog may be used to generate styles for the elements in a web page.

Style builder dialog

More help with the CSS style builder is availabe in our "CSS style builder" power tip.

While this dialog can't set ALL the options that are available for CSS2, it can set most of the common options (background, font/text, margins/padding/position). Pressing the background, font/text, or edges/pos buttons will present different settings related to those options.

If you want to look for the full specification of CSS2 from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), click the CSS2 help button. This will open the default browser for your system with the web location where you can find latest information and documentation for CSS2.

If you do not want to directly write generated styles to the edit window, you can use select "clipboard" from from the dropdown below the CSS2 help button and all generated styles will be copied to clipboard.

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