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UltraCompare for Mac/Linux latest changes

Latest Mac release: 16.0, released on 2016-03-17.
Latest Linux release: 15.0, released on 2014-11-10.

UltraCompare for Mac/Linux v14.0 Changes (2014-03-06)

  • Significantly improved text compare algorithm
    • Far more accurate and intelligent alignment of different/matching lines
    • Dramatically improved text compare speed
    • Greatly improved and more detailed difference highlighting
  • Several improvements for framework and layout
  • Improved stability and performance with text compare
  • Several internal performance improvements for binary compare
  • Improved compare progress information in status bar
  • Word Wrap no longer forces new comparison
  • Addressed synchronization issues with Prev/Next Diff
  • Addressed issues with printing results
  • Addressed issues with folder compare preferences
  • Addressed issue with Unicode in Active Line Window
  • Addressed issue with commands listed in key mapping configuration

UltraCompare for Mac/Linux v13.0 Changes (2013-08-08)

UltraCompareX v13.0 constitutes the most significant release to date on Linux/Mac with near parity of functionality and performance with UltraCompare for Windows.

  • Greatly improved folder synchronization
    • Fully integrated into folder compare
    • Uses folder compare settings for scanning and syncing
    • View and manage both identical files and different files during folder sync
  • Toggle browser view*
    • Displays browser view of HTML source in text compare panes
    • View and manage both identical files and different files during folder sync
  • FTP improvements
    • Greater non-standard server support
    • Quick folder compare without download (uses server file listing for basic compare)
  • Session improvements
    • Global session properties settings in Preferences
    • Option to reload sessions previously open on startup
  • Maintenance and performance
    • Many problems and performance issues addressed
    • Many framework and aesthetic issues addressed
    • Improved usability and responsiveness
  • Full command line support
  • Compare text snippets
  • Compare .zip archives
  • Show file in default browser
  • New ignore option to ignore everything between lines starting/ending with specified string(s)
  • Many other minor changes

* Due to library issues, "Toggle Browser View" is only supported in "Ubuntu New" and Mac packages.

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