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IDM Power Tips

Often users have requested more in-depth information regarding specific features supported in our applications, and we now maintain an archive of detailed information regarding useful, time-saving functionality in IDM's growing arsenal of powerful products.

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IDM power tips by application

 UltraEdit (Windows)
 UltraEdit (Mac/Linux)

UltraEdit power tips

  • Keyboard shortcutsA quick reference guide to UltraEdit's default keyboard shortcuts
  • Keymapping and custom hotkeysHow to customize key mappings and menu hotkeys
  • Smart Templates UltraEdit includes Smart Templates, a way to automatically complete your code. Type the template text and UltraEdit will automatically suggest the template!
  • Column MarkersThe benefit of a column marker is that it can help you to format your text/code, or in some cases to make it easier to read in complex nested logic.
  • Quick Open UltraEdit and UEStudio provide multiple methods to quickly open files without using the standard Open File dialog. A favorite method among power users is the Quick Open in the File menu. The benefit of the quick open dialog is that it loads up very...
  • Vertical & Horizontal Split WindowThis is a convenient feature when you're manually comparing files, when you want to copy/paste between multiple files, or when you simply want to divide up your edit space.
  • Tabbed Child WindowsDeclutter your edit space by using the tabbed child windows feature
  • Auto-Hide Child WindowsWhen you're deep in your code, the most important thing is editing space. The all new auto-hide child windows give you The all new auto-hide child windows allow you to maximize your editing space by hiding the child windows against the edge of the editor.
  • Customizing toolbarsDid you know that you can not only change what is on UltraEdit's toolbars, you can also change the icon used, as well as create your own custom toolbars and tools?
  • File tabsUnderstand how file tabs can be displayed, controlled and configured through the window docking system in UltraEdit/UEStudio.
  • Create user/project toolsExecute DOS or Windows commands in UltraEdit or UEStudio
  • Temporary FilesUltraEdit and UEStudio use temporary files... but what are temporary files? This power tip provides an explanation as well as some tips to get the most out of temp files.
  • Backup and Restore SettingsOne of the staples of UltraEdit (and UEStudio) is its highly configurable interface and features. However, what happens when you're moving to a new system and you want to port your settings and customizations over along with UltraEdit?
  • Add a webpage to your toolbarUse UltraEdit's powerful user tools to launch your favorite website from the click of a button on your toolbar
  • Integrate Yahoo!, Google, Wikipedia and more with UltraEditThis tutorial will show you how to access the information you need in your browser by simply highlighting your text in the edit window and clicking your toolbar button
  • Scripting tutorialAn introduction to UltraEdit's integrated scripting feature
  • The List Lines Containing String option in FindThe lists lines option can be a handy tool when searching because it presents all occurrences of the find string in a floating dialog box. You can use the dialog to navigate to each instance by double-clicking on one of the result lines...
  • Scripting Access to the ClipboardHow to access the Clipboard using the integrated scripting engine
  • Scripting access to output windowHow to access the output window using the integrated scripting engine
  • Writing a macroSteps to record and edit powerful macros to quickly and efficiently edit files
  • Using "copied" and "selected" variables for dynamic macrosUse copied and selected text in macros to dramatically increase the power and flexibility of UltraEdit macros
  • Run a macro or script from the command lineWe are often asked if it is possible to run an UltraEdit macro or script on a file from the command line. The answer is yes - and it's not only possible, it's extremely simple!
  • Using find/replaceUltraEdit and UEStudio give you the ability to perform a find or replace through one or more files. Learn how to use UltraEdit/UEStudio's powerful find and replace.
  • Multiline find and replaceSearch and replace text spanning several lines
  • Incremental searchIncremental search is an inline, progressive search that allows you to find matched text as you type, much like Firefox's search feature
  • Regular expressionsRegular Expressions are essentially patterns (rather than specific strings) that are used with Find/Replace operations. This guide can dramatically improve your speed and efficiency for Find/Replace
  • Tagged expressions"Tagging" the find data allows UltraEdit/UEStudio to re-use the data similar to variable during a replace. For example, If ^(h*o^) ^(f*s^) matches "hello folks", ^2 ^1 would replace it with "folks hello".
  • Perl regular expressions: Getting startedAn introduction to using Perl-style regular expressions for find and replace in UltraEdit and UEStudio
  • Perl regular expressions: Non-greedy regexHow to make Perl regular expressions "non-greedy" in UltraEdit and UEStudio
  • Perl regular expressions: Digging deeperA deeper look at some of the advanced features of Perl regular expressions in UltraEdit and UEStudio
  • Perl regular expressions: BackreferencesHow to use Perl regex backreferences in Find and Replace in UltraEdit
  • Remove blank linesA question we often see is "I have a lot of blank lines in my file and I don't want to go through and manually delete them. Is there an easier way to do this?" The answer is: yes!
  • Configure FTPSet up and configure FTP accounts to edit files from an FTP server
  • Configure FTP backupSave a local copy of your files when you transfer them to FTP directories
  • Encrypt and Decrypt Text FilesUse UltraEdit to encrypt and decrypt your text files
  • Link to remote directoriesSync local directories with remote (FTP/SFTP) directories
  • Compare Modified File Against Source FileHow to compare the modified file against the source file on disk.
  • Column Based Find and ReplaceNeed to restrict your search/replace to a specific column range? The column based search does just that...
  • Compare Highlighted TextIf you need to quickly compare of portions of text, rather than an entire file, then you need UltraEdit/UEStudio's selected text compare! The selected text compare allows you to select portions of text between 2 files and execute a compare on ONLY the se
  • Using the SSH/telnet consoleA tutorial for UltraEdit/UEStudio's SSH/telnet feature
  • Adding a wordfileAdding a wordfile in UltraEdit v15.00 and greater
  • Adding a wordfile (in v14.20 and earlier)Add a language definition to your wordfile for use with UltraEdit and UEStudio's powerful syntax highlighting
  • Syntax highlighting and code foldingExplanation of highlighting and folding definitions in the UltraEdit/UEStudio wordfile
  • Filtering the Explorer ViewHow to filter the Explorer view in UltraEdit and UEStudio
  • Group Files and Folders with ProjectsHow to group your files and folders using Projects
  • Adding or removing file extensions for syntax highlightingHow to configure syntax highlighting to highlight different file types automatically
  • Project SettingsAdvanced Project Features - Using the UltraEdit/UEStudio project settings dialog
  • Scripting TechniquesScripting techniques for UltraEdit/UEStudio.
  • Perl-style regular expressions for function stringsUsing Perl-Style regexes to identify functions in your syntax-highlighted files and populate the function list
  • Autocorrect keywords in UltraEdit/UEStudioHow to enable and disable autocorrect keywords with syntax highlighting
  • Insert Menu CommandsUltraEdit includes several special insert functions under the Insert menu. You can use these functions to insert a file into the active file, insert a string into the file at every specified increment, sample colors from anywhere on your screen, and more.
  • Using BookmarksUltraEdit and UEStudio provide a way for you to mark, access, and preview your favorite lines via bookmarks. We'll look at how to create, edit, and configure bookmarks in the bookmark viewer.
  • Creating Search FavoritesUltraEdit includes a Search and Replace Favorites feature that allows you to manage frequently used Find and Replace strings. Create, name, and edit your Search and Replace Favorites...
  • Customizing The HTML Toolbar CommandsThe purpose of this power tip is to teach you how to customize the existing HTML tags and create your own HTML tags.
  • Combine All Open Files into a Single Destination FileHave you ever needed to combine multiple files into a single destination (output) file? You can use a combination of a script and tool to create a single file from multiple files.
  • Sum Column/Selection in Column ModeThis power tip demonstrates how to calculate the sum from a column of numeric data.
  • Column modeHow to use the features of UltraEdit's powerful column mode
  • Advanced and column-based sortHow to sort file data using the advanced sort options and the column sort options
  • Working with CSV filesUse UltraEdit's built-in handling for character-separated value files
  • Word wrap and tab settings for different file typesUltraEdit and UEStudio allow you to customize the word wrap and tab settings for any type of file. This power tip walks you through the steps to configure these customizations
  • Version backupsSet UltraEdit/UEStudio to automatically save version backups of your text and source files
  • Configure spell checkerHow to set the highly-configurable options for UltraEdit's integrated spell checker
  • Special functionsUltraEdit includes several special functions under the File menu. You can use these functions to insert a file into the current file, delete the active file, send the file through email, or insert a string into the file at every specified increment
  • HTML previewEdit and preview your rendered HTML code in the edit window
  • Compare files/foldersIntegrated differences tool - comparing files and folders with UltraCompare Professional
  • File change pollingMonitor log files and more using UltraEdit's file change polling feature
  • Vertically split the edit windowSplitting the edit window in UltraEdit/UEStudio
  • Large file text editorUltraEdit can be used to edit large text files. Learn how to configure UltraEdit to optimize editing large text files
  • Multiple configuration environments of Ultraedit/UEstudioHow to set up your separate environments for UltraEdit/UEStudio
  • Java compilerCreate a custom user tool to compile Java code, using the command line, from within UltraEdit
  • Configure UltraEdit with javascript lintHow to check your JavaScript source code for common mistakes without actually running the script or opening the web page
  • Character properties at your fingertipsAccess the properties of a character with the click of a button
  • CtagsSet up and configure Ctags for use in UltraEdit
  • Visual SourceSafe integrationCreate a customized user tool to check out files from Visual SourceSafe
  • CSE HTML ValidatorCSE HTML Validator for Windows is the most powerful, easy to use, user configurable, and all-in-one HTML, XHTML, CSS, link, spelling, and accessibility checker available. This quick tutorial shows you how to use it and set it up in UltraEdit/UEStudio
  • Working with Unicode in UltraEdit/UEStudioIn this tutorial, we'll cover some of the basics of Unicode-encoded text and Unicode files, and how to view and manipulate it in UltraEdit.
  • Search and delete lines foundUEStudio and UltraEdit provide a way for you to search and delete found lines from your files. This short tutorial provides the steps for searching for and deleting lines by writing a simple script.
  • Parsing XML files and editing XML filesParsing XML can be a time-consuming task, especially when large amounts of data are involved. As of v15.10, UltraEdit provides you with a the XML Window for the purpose of parsing your XML files. The XML window allows you to navigate through the XML...
  • Using BookmarksUltraEdit and UEStudio provide a way for you to mark, access, and preview your favorite lines via bookmarks. We'll look at how to create, edit, and configure bookmarks in the bookmark viewer.
  • Using the CSS style builderUltraEdit and UEStudio both include a CSS style builder for you to easily configure and insert CSS styles into the active document. This power tip will show you how to use the style builder.
  • SSH/Telnet Session LoggingLog the input and output to/from the server in your SSH/Telnet sessions
  • Edit, develop, debug, and run SAS programsThis user-submitted power tip describes how to use UltraEdit as a SAS editor, as well as how to run and debug SAS programs from the editor itself
  • Tabs to Spaces - Ignore tabs and spaces in string and commentsEver had to convert the tab characters to spaces, but wanted to leave the tabs in strings and comments untouched? In previous versions, the convert tabs to spaces feature didn't distinguish between tabs as whitespace/formatting vs. tabs in...
  • Setting File Associations in UltraEdit/UEStudioA file association is used by Windows Explorer to determine which application will open the file when it is double-clicked (or opened) in Explorer. In the interest of speed, many UltraEdit/UEStudio users want to associate specific file types with...
  • Windows Explorer IntegrationWe know that many UltraEdit/UEStudio users don't operate solely from within the editor; rather, they are frequently working in Windows Explorer before going to the editor. As such, they want (and need) a quick and easy way to open files from within...
  • Line Change IndicatorEver wanted to see what changes you've made since your last save, or have you ever wanted to know what lines you've changed during an edit session? As of UltraEdit v16.00, you can do just that with the line change indicator...
  • Comment and Uncomment Selected TextHow many times per day do you comment out a block of code? Do you ever get tired of manually typing your open and close comments? As of v16.00, simply highlight your code, click a button, and move on. It's that easy...
  • Hide, Show, and Delete Found Lines in UltraEdit/UEStudioIn this power tip, we'll take a look at how to filter lines containing a specific string in UltraEdit and UEStudio using the Find dialog.
  • Read Only Status IndicatorHave you ever opened a file, tried incessantly to modify it, then realized it was read only? As of v16.00, UltraEdit includes an enhanced read only status indicator. For read only files, the file tab will display a lock icon. Additionally, you can...
  • Regular Expression BuilderRegular Expressions are essentially patterns, rather than literal strings, that are used to compare/match text in Find/Replace operations. As an example, the * character in a Perl regular expression matches the preceding character or expression zero or..
  • XML Manager: In-line editing of XML filesThe XML Manager allows you to navigate through complex XML data. But, what happens when you want to make a quick edit to your XML tags/data.... UltraEdit v16.00 extends the XML Manager with inline editing, giving you a faster and more elegant method...
  • UltraEdit v16.00 Scripting EnhancementsOne of UltraEdit's trademark features is the ability to automate tasks through scripting. V16.00 extends the power of scripting further with includes, active document index, and more!
  • Parse Source Code with the Function ListThe function list displays all the functions in the active file/project. Double clicking on a function name in the list repositions the file to the desired function. Also, as you navigate through a file, the function selected in the list changes to indica
  • Brace MatchingBrace matching is an often-used feature; it is indispensable for navigating through your code. Brace matching simply allows you to position your cursor next to an open (or close) brace and highlight the corresponding brace.
  • Code FoldingCode folding is indispensable for managing complex/nested code structures. Code folding allows you to collapse (hide) a section of code. The collapsible sections are based on the structure of the file/language
  • Shared FTP accountsDo you use multiple IDM products - UltraEdit, UEStudio, or UltraCompare? Ever get sick of managing your FTP account information in each application? Now you can stop worrying about porting your FTP account settings! Simply configure it once and share you
  • Auto-load macro with projectMany UltraEdit/UEStudio users rely heavily on projects - and why not, projects are extremely helpful in managing related files and folder. Projects not only allow you to group/manage your files and folders, but projects also contain other items that...
  • Copy and paste syntax highlighting as RTF or HTMLHow to copy source code as HTML or RTF and preserve the code highlighting
  • The status bar in UltraEdit and UEStudioDid you know that the status bar in UltraEdit and UEStudio provides a wealth of information in a convenient, unobtrusive way? The status bar displays properties of the active file and also provides a way to access and modify some of these properties.
  • Multi-caret editingMulti-caret editing in UltraEdit

UEStudio power tips

UltraEdit for Linux power tips

  • FTP through NautilusDid you know that you can access remote FTP files in UltraEdit for Linux with a variety of server connection protocols? Using Nautilus, the default file manager for the popular GNOME desktop, you can access files via FTP, SFTP, Windows shares, or even...
  • Primary SelectUsing Linux's primary select feature in UltraEdit for Linux
  • Custom terminalSet up a user tool to interact with the command line and specify a custom terminal for output
  • Custom file browserUltraEdit for Linux allows you to right-click any file or folder in your Project (from the File View) and browse it on the file system. But did you know that you can configure which file browser is launched from UltraEdit?
  • Scripting tutorialAn introduction to the integrated scripting feature in UltraEdit for Linux
  • Writing a macroSteps to record and edit powerful macros to quickly and efficiently edit files
  • Vertical and horizontal split window editingThis is a convenient feature when you're manually comparing files, when you want to copy/paste between multiple files, or when you simply want to divide up your edit space.
  • Find and ReplaceA guide to the powerful features and options available under the "Search" menu.
  • Find in Selected TextFind and Replace is a cornerstone feature for UltraEdit, so it is of course integral to UltraEdit for Linux. The Linux version offers the same features as in the Windows version, as well as additional features. One specific feature that was improved...
  • Using bookmarksProvides a way for you to mark and quickly access lines of interest in your files via bookmarks. To add a bookmark, make sure the cursor is positioned on the line you'd like to bookmark. Press CTRL + F2....
  • Adding a wordfile Add a language definition to your wordfile for use with UltraEdit's powerful syntax highlighting
  • ProjectsIn UltraEdit for Linux, projects are a convenient, time-saving, feature that allow you to group and manage associated files. Additionally, Projects are integrated throughout the framework of UltraEdit making it easier to perform other actions on your...
  • Search FavoritesUltraEdit for Linux includes a Search and Replace Favorites feature that allows you to manage frequently used Find and Replace strings. Create, name, and edit your Search and Replace Favorites...
  • Column modeHow to use column and block selection mode in UltraEdit for Linux
  • TemplatesHow to create text editing templates in UltraEdit for Linux
  • Keyboard shortcutsA quick reference guide to UltraEdit's (Linux) default keyboard shortcuts
  • How to use the UltraEdit for Linux tar packageThis guide shows you how to download and use the tar.gz package of UltraEdit
  • UltraEdit for Linux v1.20: Scripting enhancementsOne of UEx's trademark features is the ability to automate tasks through scripting; v1.2 extends the power of scripting further with includes.
  • UltraEdit for Linux Command Line SupportUltraEdit for Linux has many convenient command line options and flags for calling UEx from a console/terminal as part of a script, or simply for convenience.
  • Advanced file sortingSort files in UEx with a powerful array of options and settings, including optional sort keys

UltraCompare power tips

  • Compare text snippetsA tutorial showing you how to compare text snippets without having to save your snippets into a file. Diff your snippets, merge your changes, save the result as a separate file, then clear out the snippets (and their temp files...)
  • Increase your virtual memoryLarge file comparisons may require your system to use virtual memory. This tutorial shows you how to configure Windows to increase the amount of virtual memory on your system.
  • Compare large filesUltraCompare is a very robust file comparison tool which includes support for comparing large files even several GB large. This power tip shows you how to optimize UltraCompare for maximum performance when working with large files.
  • Compare .zip, .rar., and .jar ArchivesGot Archives? UltraCompare's archive compare feature allows you to compare the contents of .zip files, .rar files, Java .jar files, and even password-protected .zip files. Use the archive compare and examine differences between archives or folders on th
  • Version Control ComparisonUltraCompare v6.40 includes major improvements to the command line support that allow greater flexibility when integrating with other applications. If you're using version control in a team development environment, then UltraCompare v6.40 is exactly...
  • Visually inspect HTML codeHow to use UltraCompare Professional's integrated browser view to visually compare and inspect HTML code
  • Compare directories using FTP/SFTPConfigure FTP/SFTP accounts in UltraCompare Professional to backup or sync FTP directories and compare local and remote folders.
  • Block and line mode mergeMerge differences and save them between 2 or 3 files at the click of a button
  • Sync files and folders with Folder SynchronizationFolder Synchronization is a powerful feature in UltraCompare which allows you to sync files between local, remote, network, and even FTP folders.
  • Recursive compareUse recursive compare to evaluate subdirectories' content for differences
  • Find and eliminate duplicate filesUnnecessary and unwanted duplicate files can eat up valuable system disk space. This power tip will show you how to quickly and safely eliminate unwanted duplicate files from your system with the powerful Find Duplicates feature in UltraCompare
  • Compare Word documentsCompare multiple Microsoft Word documents - Identify and merge differences between Word documents.
  • Command line tipsTips for running UltraCompare from a DOS command prompt
  • Command line quick difference checkRun a quick difference check between two files to quickly see if they're the same or different
  • Ignore optionsSetting ignore options for file/folder comparisons in UltraCompare
  • Ignore/compare column rangeSet parameters to ignore or compare up to 4 unique columns of data.
  • Filtering files in folder modeFiltering files in UltraCompare while in folder mode
  • Customizing the time/date format for folder comparisonMany UltraCompare users in different regions of the world have different standard formats for dates and timestamps. UltraCompare provides the ability to customize the date and timestamp for your folder comparisons
  • Editing files in UltraCompareHow to use the integrated text editing capabilites within UltraCompare
  • UltraCompare shell integrationTips for integrating UltraCompare into the right-click context menu in Windows Explorer
  • Export/save text compare outputHow to export and save diff output from UltraCompare
  • Web CompareIf you work with web files, you are probably accustomed to downloading the file via FTP or viewing the source, saving the text, then doing a compare. We're sure you'll agree, this process is clunky and mechanical....
  • Manually Sync Your CompareManually sync your compare lines
  • UltraCompare SessionsIf you're anything like us, you always have multiple applications running at once. Spawning multiple instances of any application makes it harder to work. So... UC gives you sessions to manage your compare operations!
  • Reload previously active sessionsWhen you're doing complex file and folder compare operations, it doesn't take long to open quite a few tabs. What happens when you close UC to move on to another task or to go home for the day- lose the session? Not with Reload active sessions...
  • Session ManagerIf you've compared the same set of files/folders more than once... You need sessions. Sessions allow you to save compare options for a common set of files or folders which you can quickly recall anytime you open UltraCompare. Not only can you save...
  • Workspace ManagerThe Workspace Manager is all about convenience, so the Explorer view allows you to drag/drop files and folders for quick and easy compare operations. Simply select the folder (or file) in the Explorer view and drag it to the compare frame.
  • Bookmark Favorite Files/Folders in UltraCompareHow to use Favorite in UltraCompare to bookmark your commonly used files/folders.
  • FTP in Workspace ManagerYou can access your accounts through the Explorer tab of the Workspace Manager in UltraCompare
  • Share FTP Accounts with UltraEdit/UEStudioSet up UltraEdit/UEStudio to share FTP accounts with UltraCompare
  • FTP Folder Compare with CRCHave you wanted to do a quick folder compare - between a local directory and remote directory - without downloading the files first? No problem... As of v7.20, UltraCompare now supports an FTP CRC compare method. With the CRC compare feature...
  • Mark and hide files and folders in folder compareHave you ever wanted to hide files/folders that aren't relevant for your immediate compare needs? We have... While UltraCompare offers many compare filters and ignore options, sometimes you just need more control...

UltraFinder power tips